Ski Safari Adventure Time Review

Ski Safari Adventure Time Review

Dec 12, 2013

Ski Safari Adventure Time brings back Cartoon Network’s Jumping Finn Turbo, going up against the nefarious Ice King in this skinned version of the endless runner Ski Safari.

Finn has allusions to being a championship downhill skier, or so it will feel in this one. The playing area is downhill, left to right, with windy, bumpy, snow-covered slopes. There are boulders embedded in snow, presenting ever-present dangers up front; behind Finn’s back is his nemesis, the avalanche-surfing Ice King.

The gameplay starts with Finn’s trusty canine companion Jake dashing in to warn his sleeping friend of the thundering danger. Finn starts the downward journey on his bed, and it goes, uh, further downhill from there. The aforementioned rocks are best avoided by tapping the right post of the screen to jump. Further to that, for those feeling especially funky, backflips can be performed by manipulating the left part of the screen. Careful though; stunts do earn bonus points, but face-planting can be disastrous.2013-12-12 07.20.24

This is because the whole point of the game is to travel as far as possible, collecting collectibles and upping high scores by avoiding being caught by the raging snow. There are plenty of helpers and interestingly themed characters: bananas that double as surfboards, riding dogs and objects that give flight over periods of time. The slope gets sharper, and game speed picks up over time, and collisions and crashed landings burn up helpers and/or upend and stop Finn. The latter is especially bad, as the run ends when the snow overtakes our hero.

The game also uses an updating lists of quests, like traveling a set distance with nothing but the hiney, or using a particular tool to travel through a particular area. There are arcade elements like gold, magnets and boosts as well.

Fans of Adventure Time will like the familiar artwork and the characterizations. Finn and Jake are their usual misshapen, adorable selves, and the game incorporates coloring that works if a little subdued. The gameplay is not the most sophisticated, but that also lends to the built-in charm. The unending action is what makes this one so engaging, and it will be worth multiple looks… and runs. It builds upon a great game and at the very least that can be admired.

Jumping Finn Turbo Review

Jumping Finn Turbo Review

Apr 10, 2013

Adventure Time is probably the most whimsical animated production I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It is an interesting excursion into the mind of a creative maverick. Thus, I admit to being more than just a little curious about Jumping Finn Turbo from Cartoon Network.

The game had the usual suspects in the usual roles: the consistently-victimized Princess Bubblegum, the dastardly kidnapper Ice King, And the weird siblings, Jake and bag-carrying protagonist Finn. It also had a few minor characters in other support roles.

At it’s heart, Jumping Finn Turbo is a side scrolling jumping game. To get the Princess back, I had to travel long distances, avoid pitfalls and gravity and use a slew of power-ups to stay airborne for as long as possible.

Starting out, I had to get Finn flying. There was no huge catapult or jetpack; no sir… I had to get him flying by kicking the heck out of his butt with Jake’s willing foot. To maximize force, I had to time the kick-invoking tap withjumping1 an oscillating power meter; to get the hardest kick, I needed to tap it at an instant when it was maxed out to the right. The resultant kick arced me high into the air, and this is when the fight for airborne longevity started. Early on, gravity was the enemy. Soon, I also had to be on the lookout for penguins who were trying to freeze me.

I thought the best part of the game was the power-ups/helper system. These ones ran the gamut: strength of kick, comets, birds and more. They were upgradeable with game coin and helped extend my time in the air. The butt kick replenished itself, and I had one Jake bounce. Each run ended when I hit the ground.

I thought that the controls could have been a bit more refined; without spoiling too much of the game, I thought defensive taps sometimes interfered with other controls, but then again, it did add to the challenge. Also, I just felt that, well, more could have happened with the gameplay.

Still, I thought it was a cool game with a cool tie-in that can make time disappear.