Jumping Electron HD Review

Jumping Electron HD Review

Dec 28, 2012

Simplicity in a game does not always mean it’s super easy. Jumping Electron HD has a very clean and simple design to it, but it is a game needing full attention. The premise of the game is to roll a ball down a lane to the finish line. To control the ball, it’s a matter of tilting the Android device to the left or to the right. To jump, tap on the screen.

The currency of the game is in volts, not dollars or gold. The monetary system works the same regardless. Using volts, upgrades can be purchased with real-world money; 5000 volts are $.99. There’s also an option to earn free volts by sitting through a video advertisement. The ads are about 15 seconds so it’s nothing too terrible. By completing the task, the reward is 300 volts.

The currency is used to purchase new balls, level boosters and even to opt out of ads. A new ball will range anywhere from about 500 volts to 5000 volts. Buying a better ball will help withstand bumping into other objects. With the original ball that starts the game, any impact ends the level. Purchasing the ball for 1000 volts can take a few more bumps and bruises along the way making it easier to finish the levels.

While rolling the ball down the lane, there are gaps to jump and was other items in the way. The ball will acquire speed as it travels meeting decisions will need to be quickly made towards the end of the level. Sometimes the gaps are hidden behind objects or blocks making it harder to judge the next action until the gap is right there.

While Jumping Electron is not the most complicated game I’ve ever played it’s still a lot of fun and it ranks up there with games like Teeter. Like I said I game doesn’t need to be complicated for to be fun and challenging.