Jurassic Park Builder Review

Jurassic Park Builder Review

Apr 11, 2013

The Jurassic Park franchise was the quintessential morality tale. It’s what we needed in the 90s: a reminder of the dangers of mankind subverting nature. Dinosaurs are interesting, and having a zoo full of them would be exceptionally cool, but only bad things could happen in the end.

Keeping prehistoric beasts as confined pests is rarely a good idea, especially the carnivorous ones.

Jurassic Park Builder, a game from Ludia Inc, is just the type of title that can fix melancholy. It put me in charge of developing theme park populated such as the one on the novel and movie it derives it name from.

It was a park simulation with a twist. I was tasked with building and expanding space, as well as making sure my livestock flourished. The originating story was close to the original; I found dinosaur DNA fortuitously trapped in jurassic1amber, and was able to create viable eggs with the DNA. From then on, it became a matter of suave management of resources. I got to pick whether I wanted terrestrial animals or aquatic ones. I also had to feed the creature based on defined diets.

I enjoyed the mostly logical reasoning incorporated into the game. To keep the park going on the island, I also got to manage a nifty import process via shipping into the island. I had to figure out ways to prevent the happenings in the movie (animals going amok), and there were things I had o do. I had to create access for tourist, and there were level-based features unlocked with advancement in the game.

The game animations were smooth, and did a good job of highlighting the overall simulation. The cutscenes were great; I thought the game looked good and was easy to navigate and work through. The social aspect was quite nice with Facebook sharing and gifting making appearances.

All in all, it was a sim that seemed fresh and familiar at the same time.

KickStarter Spotlight: ROBOTA: Vengeance

KickStarter Spotlight: ROBOTA: Vengeance

Mar 2, 2012

Set in the universe from acclaimed film production designer, Doug Chiang, ROBOTA: Vengeance is a game based off the popular ROBOTA illustrated novels, published in 2003. In this fantasy world dinosaurs and fighting robots clash in epic battles and suffer gut wrenching moral quandaries. No, that was not a typo, I did just say “dinosaurs and fighting robots.” ROBOTA is just the typical post-apocalyptic Jurassic Park, I, Robot hybrid, except all the robots are modeled after General Grievous. The artwork for the novel is quite stunning and the early screen shots seem to hold up quite well, especially considering that they are both very early in production and made for mobile devices.

The goal for the production team was to create gameplay similar, and hopefully superior, to the acclaimed Infinity Blade series and wrap it inside this already fully realized world. Like most modern games, character customization is a fundamental element to gameplay as well as the reliance on touch controls so expect a lot of frenetic swiping and tapping. The main story mode begins with a nameless robotic character awakening to find himself abandoned and unaware of his past. The premise for the whole ROBOTA universe is that humans at some point in the future learn how to transcend their mortal bodies for a more rugged machine frame. The book explores the struggle between lust for power and retention of humanity, so expect those themes to become an integral aspect of the game, forcing the player to make tough, moral decisions.

Matching the incredible success and scale of Infinity Blade is a tall order for from an independent studio, but SiXiTS has the manpower; pulling developers who worked on high profile movies games such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, FIFA, Need for Speed, and SKATE as well as the aforementioned Doug Chiang. As of this writing this project is still in dire need of some funding and any help is welcomed. Because, come on, DINOSAURS and FIGHTING ROBOTS.