Kairobotica Review

Kairobotica Review

Aug 24, 2012

Games in the genre of The Sims and any of the Tycoon games are pretty popular. I’m not sure if people like to have a god complex or the complexity of games like these are what draw people to them. In any case, Kairobotica is a 16bit looking game fitting into the same genre.

The little robot army is tasked with protecting the galaxy. Big job for these little guys. Good thing there are a lot of them. Throughout the game different attacking monsters and other generally bad guys need to be stopped.

Factories can be built to build more little robots to take on patrols to other planets. The bigger the gang on patrol, the better chance of defeating evil doughnuts or other beings striking fear into the hearts of the planet’s inhabitants. Farms can also be constructed to accommodate visitors from other planets. The farms are there to grow food to sell to the visitors. This will make a little income to keep things running and allow for upgrades and travel money for the patrols.

Building more houses will allow for more robots to be made and housed. When there are more robots to take on patrol, there is a much better chance for success. The controls for battling at pretty simple. The turn based action eliminates the need for complicated controls. When on patrol and a fight starts, there is an option to retreat or attack. Once the attack button is pressed, the battle will proceed until someone wins.

As the games progresses new skills are learned to combat the monsters and such. The skills will attack all of the enemies on the screen at once. When the new skills are combined with an Aura, the attacks are a lot more powerful. Another part to take into consideration is reputation. The if people have more respect for the patrols, more missions will be offered.