Kaizin Rumble Review

Kaizin Rumble Review

Jan 10, 2014

Kaizin Rumble sees the player slip into the heels of a Great Leader, evil women who lead armies of creatures known as Kaizin.

Being evil, the evil empire the player is part of specializes in hunting down and exterminating heroes. From Kick-Ass style guys in red leotards, to actual, bonafiled heroes, Great Leaders travel the world to crush anything that is good.

Screenshot_2013-12-31-06-46-32What this boils down to is a series of strange levels where the player makes their way through each area by spinning a slot machine. Matching symbols causes different events to happen, such as finding money or, most commonly, initiating combat. Combat is a very shallow affair. Attacks are as simple as just tapping on the card to be used and the spinning the slot machine to see what happens.

Most of the game is about collecting a deck of good cards and boosting their stats to make them stronger in battle. New cards are handed out constantly during gameplay and one of two are gained from pretty much any battle.

Screenshot_2013-12-31-06-04-09The card designs are very imaginative, and this is the main draw of Kaizin Rumble. It’s just plain fun to see what alluring or odd creature will be handed over next. You’ll find everything from rocket launcher toting girls to giant robots that have refrigerators embedded in their chests. They rub shoulders with weird cyborgs and demonic children alike.

Besides the amusing card designs, Kaizin Rumble just has too little to its gameplay. An actual story helps pull the player though the single player campaigns, but it is not well told and some wonky translation doesn’t help matters. In the end the game just doesn’t last too long because of the shallow gameplay. Spinning a slot machine and watching things happen can only be compelling for so long. It doesn’t really help that the difficulty of the game is quite uneven. Normal battles are very easy most of the time, and take seconds to finish, while the commonly encountered Nemesis enemies will wipe the floor with your team in short order. The idea is to add friends in the game to help defeat Nemesis, but they show up constantly and are very annoying to defeat, even with help.

Kaizin Rumble looks fantastic. As said above the card designs are the standout, with some excellent art and some really interesting ideas for card design. The other characters such as the cute catgirl that serves as your adviser are well done too. Unfortunately battles are just dull as anything to look at. A few flashes and 90’s era flash animations are all there really is to see during combat. With such interesting card designs it’s a shame we don’t get to see them in combat. The sound is sparse as well. Some bumps and smashes is all there is to hear during battle.

Kaizin Rumble is tough to recommend. It is worth checking out for the neat card designs alone, but the rest of the game doesn’t stand up to prolonged gameplay.