Kaptain Brawe Review

Kaptain Brawe Review

Mar 14, 2013

Kaptain Brawe is a fun adventure game that is set in a futuristic universe where interplanetary travel is the norm, and not just a dream. It is the port of the popular PC game of the same name. It goes to show that point and click titles can still create mindshare.

The storyline is not to difficult to grasp: conspiracies and space pirates abound, and its up to the comically inept Kaptain and crew to, well, save us all.

The game came in two modes: hardcore, which ran with no hints, and casual, which had more dialogue. There were three different characters to use, and several “worlds” to explore.

Finding stuff via point and click (touch and tap) was my main objective; I did a lot of walking around, interacting with objects and characters, and also collecting useful stuff into my inventory. In talking to other characters, I sometimes got to exchange materials with said characters. I liked that attribute.

Also, it wasn’t as easy as just talking to a character and getting info; sometimes, I had to interact with a character, do a particular task or two and then come back to that character to get additional information that wasn’t initially available without the newly procured item. Such game engine decisions made the game a bit more realistic in my opinion.

Graphically, the game will be a sweet reminder to folks who got hands on the PC port. The zany use of colors and the cartoony characters fit perfectly with the latent humor of the game dialogue and the whimsical nature of the plot lines.

All in all, Kaptain Brawe was a faithful rendition of the original, and even without its pedigree, I think it was a fun standalone. The free intro was cool, and I think a lot of folks will be tempted to get the full version via in-game purchase.