KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower Review

KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower Review

Aug 23, 2013

I am an old timer. I used to go to the 7-eleven and pump all of my paper route money into the arcade games. Usually there was to of them so there was some choice. KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower reminds me of an old game I used to play there, so I was excited to do this review.

kunf-fu-quest-11The tutorial dojo is a good place to get and idea of how KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower is played. The side scrolling method of game play helps eliminate the need for an on-screen D-pad. I was glad about that because I am not a fan of those. Instead, on the bottom left side of the screen, there are left and a right arrows that work well. On the bottom right side of the screen are the attack buttons. The action button will punch and kick, the other is to jump.

As the game plays out, the need for knowing different moves is more essential. I didn’t really read anything about KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower before I played it because I wanted to not know what to expect. One of the things adding cool points for me was the old school end of the level Boss battle. The one that take all of the skills learned in the recently completed level to beat. So many games are getting away from this, I was happy to see it.

New strikes, or attacks, can be purchased at the store. As enemies are taken care of, coins are earned. The coins are not what purchase the moves though. The orbs purchase the new moves. These are earned through finishing levels and such. When a new strike is purchased, they can be added to an existing combo to make it faster or more powerful.

Overall I really like the action and ease of the controls. It made for a fun review. I am sure I will keep playing it as I get more moves and farther into the game.