Razor Crazy Cart: U Drift Review

Razor Crazy Cart: U Drift Review

Apr 13, 2015

In real life, racing in carts on the streets is probably not the best idea. Tempting, but foolish.

Cool. That’s why we have games like Razor Crazy Cart: U Drift.

If one is familiar with infinite runners, this game will feel right as pie. Based on the real life riding toy it derives its name from, this incorporates the almost standard three lane system, and, as to be expected, the main element has to with the numerous obstacles one has to avoid so as to travel as far as possible. In this game, the traveler is decked out in a cart, and it does cool things like drifting when manipulated at the right time.

Further to the travel way, it starts out fairly straight, but curves do appear over time, and more raz2intricate bends appear as progress is made. Early on, the pacing is manageable, but again, as progress is made, the game goes faster. To avoid obstacles — stuff like cones and tire stacks — the player uses swipes to make the cart go left or right on the fly, as well as a special spin move that deflects small obstacles.

There are a bunch of things to collect as well. Most obvious are red coins. Then there are powerups like coin magnets and shields that can enhance a run. Of course, there is an opportunity cost to collecting these goodies, as they are generally placed in such a way that tests the players reflexes. As with just about everything else, this element ratchets up the longer one races, such that it becomes a challenging, arcade-like experience that requires twitch responses to do well in.

When it’s all said and done, the came is easy to understand and enjoy. It brings in a familiar real life object and ties into a fun game with universal elements and a simple upgrade and leaderboard system.

Can’t go wrong with that.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Coffin Dodgers

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Coffin Dodgers

Jul 25, 2014

This week’s Crowdfunding Spotlight is a memorable game that takes an incredibly morbid topic, namely death, and turns it into something adorable and exciting. Coffin Dodgers; by popular studio Milky Tea, is a kart-style racing game that contains the usual thrills of dashing to the finish line while evading traps and launching projectiles at opponents, but there is an interesting added twist; geriatrics. That is right, all the riders are old enough to remember Eisenhower and they are going as fast as their heavily modified mobility scooters will allow them to. The hint or morbidity comes from the fact that, in addition to racing amongst themselves, they are also trying to outrun Death who also happens to enjoy a good go-kart race on the weekends.

Luckily, the depressing presence of Death is overcome by the amazing joy and vibrance of the surrounding world. The game is based on one giant map of the small retirement community in which these elderly characters reside, and the town has great detail and contrasts well with the dark comedic tone of the game. Just like the town the character models are enjoyable and are filled with emotions that betray their supposed old age. The developers say the art style borrows heavily from the Pixar movie Up and this is immediately apparent as Coffin Dodgers has essentially a perfectly identical vibe.

The game is also animated beautifully and it is apparent the amount of work that went into all the animations, and the map seems to fly by with no sense of lag or deterioration. All the weapons seem appropriate, with projectiles being things such and bowling balls and medicine, and Death has his own arsenal of tricks like tombstone walls. As with most games nowadays Coffin Dodgers features a progressive means to level up a characters kart with better power, shields, and even, apparently, giant racks of missiles.

The only downer of the entire project is the lack of funding so far. This game looks great, and is sure to become a popular title, but at the moment it’s KickStarter campaign has only has raised a touch over £2,000 with a goal of £65,000. There are still eight days to go, and I implore anyone reading this page to check out Coffin Dodgers and consider bringing this incredibly well designed game to the masses, because after all, who doesn’t enjoy cheating Death?