Freaky Friday – Fake Siri for Android

Freaky Friday – Fake Siri for Android

Oct 28, 2011

The Internet went ballistic when Apple announced Siri for iOS. Twitter blew up with all kinds of oddball questions that people wanted to ask this new computer overlord when it came out and now there is even a website dedicated to screenshots of the questions and replies people receive while playing with this new technology. It was only a matter of time before someone decided Android needed this same technology, but with way less functionality.

In case the title of the app doesn’t give it away, this is not the full-blown Siri technology. There is no asking the phone for directions to the local bar, this Siri will not look up recipes for apple pie, cannot tell anyone what the circumference of the sun is, or even translate English into Pig Latin. No, all this app will do is provide some weak, sometimes witty, answers to the questions that the user feeds it. What makes this worse is that it barely understands what it is asked and it pushes ads to the phone. The last I remember, Siri on iOS was not pushing ads for Tucks Medicated Pads on anyone.

Fake Siri is the blue ball app of the marketplace. Android users would enjoy a fully functional Siri of their own as the potential it has is unquestionable. However, only providing somewhat funny answers is just a waste of space when the power lies in having a phone serve as a personal Alfred. Adding insult to this is that the app cannot even adjust to different screen sizes and phones with smaller screens need to download a different version. That right there is just lazy programming.

Siri may be the humble beginnings of Skynet, but this version is the result of a programmer who lost interest when the job was half done, stole an app icon, and then hoped the bribe money they gave the boss was enough to allow this app to ship to the customer. Anyone looking for a good Android version of Siri should just avoid this app and hope someone else can bring the evil robotic overlords to our devices. Until then, the T-1000 revolution will wait another day.