KickStarter Spotlight: Keeo

KickStarter Spotlight: Keeo

Aug 21, 2013

Now this is the kind of KickStarter Spotlight I can get behind. I am constantly losing my keys, and I am basically always on the look for some help in that department. Coming to my pathetic rescue is Keeo, and its help cannot come soon enough. Keeo is a fairly ambitious project that aims to completely revolutionize the way we carry and attempt to not lose our keys. What I like about Keeo is its impressive styling that is complemented with solid metal construction. It can hold up to three keys at one time and these are locked in by a one-size-fits-all system that firmly secures most common styles of metallic keys. Come time to open a door simply pull Keeo out and push a button and out pops the correct key like some Inspector Gadget switchblade.

Okay, so now that all my keys are in one device this just makes it more convenient for me to lose all of them at once. Fortunately, this is not where this project ends. As with most KickStarter Spotlight’s we have done in the past Keeo communicates with any smartphone via Bluetooth; sounding an alarm anytime it navigates more than 20m away. Of course there is also the ability to turn that phone into some sort of key finding metal detector which helps when the keys have been buried under a jacket or between cushions of the couch. All this is done via a free app that, as previously stated, uses Bluetooth that maintains contact with Keeo. One initial addition to this app is an included temperature sensor within the Keeo that will give current ambient temperature on demand. The KickStarter page states that the internal batter will last up to 10 years depending on use, which is a pretty ambitious claim, and one that, if true, is very impressive.

As I mentioned at the top of this article, Keeo is constructed from a single machined block of stainless-steel which is constructed fully in Germany. Coming in at just around 2 ounces; this is a very well engineered product whose durability should be the stuff of legends.

So, take a look at Keeo; their project will not be funded unless they receive 1,500 advance orders, and I wholeheartedly believe this project is worthy of production. Besides, who really enjoys fumbling with key rings and tearing apart the bedroom in search of the house keys?