Keymonk Keyboard Review

Keymonk Keyboard Review

Oct 5, 2012

A good keyboard is hard to find. Generally, I find myself just using the stock keyboard on Android devices as it generally does the job, better than many third-party options. In particular, sliding keyboards like Swype. Those are particular nuisances because swiping introduces new issues with accurate word detection, and typing letter out manually is often annoying in and of itself.

There are two reasons why Keymonk Keyboard, a swiping keyboard with a twist, is my keyboard of choice. One, it features intelligent two-handed swiping. Each thumb can be used to swipe letters on the keyboard instead of justa one finger. We use two thumbs to type, why not swipe? It can detect where certain letters go if one finger is left on that letter and others are swiped by the other finger. It is possible to start swiping with one finger, put the other one down, lift the first one up, and swipe unimpeded, as thumbs can collide. It’s also possible to start keying up a word, and then mixing in swipes, though once no finger is touching the keyboard, the word is inputted.

It is just a better way to swipe words. There’s a learning curve to get comfortable with the new swiping mechanic, but after a short while I felt somewhat adept with it. As well, the second big thing I love about it is that actually manually typing words out is very well-supported with this keyboard, so it does not feel like I’m losing any effectiveness. The swiping on the punctuation key for commas, exclamation points, and more, is extremely handy. Plus, for those who don’t like two-handed swiping, it’s still a great traditional swiping keyboard. There’s several useful configuration tweaks, the developer is actively supporting the keyboard, and is responsive to emails sent to him.

Now, complex words are harder to swipe out as there’s a lot that can go wrong. As well, it can be difficult to do the finger gymnastics to properly swipe out a word with two fingers when some letters are near the other thumb. I would like to see the auto-correct be a little more liberal as far as letters that may have been barely swiped goes. And some words where a letter or two may be off fare better than others do. But overall, I feel like Keymonk does a great job at making me feel more accurate with my ‘typing’ on my phone, and even on my Nexus 7.

And really, that’s what I love about Keymonk; after using it for a while, I feel like I am a better typer. I am really satisfied this new keyboard, especially third-party keyboards. However, this is the very rare exception to the rule. The free version some of the configuration tweaks of the full version, but it is a great way to try the keyboard out. Definitely give it a try, it is a very original and effective new way to type on Android devices.