The Past cannot be Outrun Review

The Past cannot be Outrun Review

Dec 21, 2012

Escape games are a different genre than many people are used to. These type of games are a combination of “find what doesn’t belong” and a puzzle game. The Past cannot be Outrun is a game set where the main character wakes up in an building where they have no idea how they go there. Upon looking around, there are a lot of strange things to be found.

Each room has something of value. Looking around consists of tapping on areas of the room if it looks like there is something important there. If not, the game will tell you to move along. On the tablet I used to test The Past cannot be Outrun, it seemed like I needed to tap just below the objects vs. right on them. Even the arrows to move the screens left or right and to back out a screen were the same way.

Make sure to look at each item found quite well. There are more than one use for many of them and they can be used several times to complete different tasks. The items also need to be used in a specific order. There really isn’t any levels per se, just advancing to the end. The overall goal is to escape from the building. As more clues are found, more of the story unfolds.

For any noobies to escape games, The Past cannot be Outrun can be a real challenge. Luckily there are lots of different walkthroughs and clues on various sites out there. I have only played a few and they are always a real challenge. Part of the reason is, the instructions and guidance is very minimal. It is all about using logic and thinking about the items and clues at hand. Sometimes there are creative solutions needed.