Toca Boca Launches Toca Life: Stable

Toca Boca Launches Toca Life: Stable

Nov 23, 2016

Well regarded kid-friendly developer Toca Boca has a new app out on Google Play called Toca Life: Stable.

This one brings one of the most requested subjects to the Toca series: equine care. Yep, horses are front and center in this one, as the player moves on from Stable to Arena and Forest.

Players can record video in-app; there are also 24 characters to interface with. Themed outfits, and more.

– Explore four locations: stable, arena, forest and shop.
– Create stories for 24 new characters plus horses and other animals!
– Care for your horses: feed them, lather them up till they’re nice and clean, brush them.
– Choose outfits from your favorite themes: medieval, western, everyday stable life and fantasy!
– Hop on to ride bikes in the forest and race motorcycles in the arena!
– Set up obstacles and show off your horse’s jumping skills!
– Eat at the food court and use the portable potties!
– Have a campout!
– Snuggle into your sleeping bag to stay warm under the stars!
– Take a canoe ride or swim by a waterfall.
– Make music with magical lily pads!
– Move horses, characters and objects from here to there in the horse transport!
– Record your stories in the app and share with your friends!
– No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
– No third-party advertising

The game is available now, and costs $2.99.

Fish vs. Pirates Review

Fish vs. Pirates Review

Dec 28, 2012

Over half of the world is covered in water. For anyone who’s ever watched a nature documentary, it’s pretty obvious marine life can be quite a day-to-day battle. Fish vs. Pirates is an underwater defense game where fish need to protect against attacking fish Pirates.

The incoming Pirates swim in a straight line. By placing the defending fish in the direct path, it’s easy in the beginning to ward off the attackers. More than one fish can be placed in the same row so both fish are attacking at the same time. As the need for more than one fish needs to be placed on the screen to defend from the attacking pirates, there becomes a shortage of pearls.

Gain more pearls to be able to add a better defense by placing oysters in locations on the screen. The problem with just placing the oysters anywhere is they take up valuable spots for the defending fish. Ideally keep all of the oysters to the farthest back row.

In progressive levels, different types of fish and sea life are available to play a defensive role against the Pirates. Snails, starfish and various other types of fish all have their pros and cons to adding them into the defensive line up. For example, snails are better at withstanding damage from attacking pirates. The downside is the snails shoot a lot slower.

As the defensive lineup gets stronger, so does the strength of the Pirates. Pirates will start out with a few weaker fish and get bigger more plentiful as well. There’s just something about seeing a shark dressed up for the pirate to make for a fun defense game. Main menu, click the book icon to get a better description of the fish and the Pirates. Having a better idea about the fish and the Pirates will help to line up the right defensive fish against the attacking pirates.

Verminator Review

Verminator Review

Dec 27, 2012

I think physics-based games are some of the most fun and also some of the most challenging games out there. Verminator is a little on the easier side but a lot of fun.. The premise of the game is to eliminate the rodents. The beginning of the game has the rodents being drowned; later on other methods are used such as bombs.

The controls are very simple. Simply tap on the bait or weapon then tap the screen again where it should go. Because of the physics of the game, the placement of the bait or explosive is pretty important. Cheese is the main bait used. The bad cheese is green. It repels the rats away from it. Once the good cheese or bad cheese is placed, the scent will get out to the rats and they will act accordingly. Use the green cheese to push them in a specific direction. The yellow cheese will make them walk towards the scent. They will also eat the yellow cheese which keeps them in one spot for a little longer.

While driving the vermin, they can fall on unbalanced surfaces and tumble to their demise. In later levels, different types of cheese show up. One example is bouncy cheese balls. The cheese balls act the same way as the standard cheese wedge but because they are round and bounce, they get into hard-to-reach areas.

The levels are timed so there is some sense of urgency to solve the puzzles. Each level starts at 99 seconds. The score is based on how quickly the puzzle is solved. For example if the level of solved with 53 seconds left, the score received is 53.

The sound effects are great. As the rats are drowning, they can be heard screaming underwater as they fall to the bottom. The background music is different. Not in a a bad way, just something I wouldn’t expect in a puzzle game.

NinjSmash Review

NinjSmash Review

Oct 24, 2012

Ninjas are pretty stealthy from what I hear. Being that sneaky takes a lot of training and practicing ninja skills is what this game is all about. NinjSmash is a game that’s all about timing. The little ninja is off to the side of his sensei on a rope. The rope is moving the ninja up and down in a rhythmic motion. The goal of the ninja is to knock the blocks out from underneath his sensei.

The first few levels of the game are pretty easy. The key to the game is to time the swings just right. Different sized bricks are set underneath him. If a block gets hit incorrectly or the master is his, the sensei could fall off. The bricks are laid out in a way that some are hard to hit, this indicates a need for the stones to be taken out in a specific order.

Once few levels are played it’s not hard to figure out the timing and where on the bricks to have to be struck to knock them out cleanly. Some levels can be more difficult than others. Because of this, there’s different potions to be purchased. These potions can help to make the level easier in different situations. All of the potions can be purchased with the points earned by playing the levels. It takes a little bit to build up some points. After the points are earned, just head off to the store. Some of the potions are: a potion to help straighten the bricks again and another lets the difficult bricks be swept away with a finger instead of having to time and hit with a hammer.

The overall difficulty of the game comes from the timing of the swing. The levels need to be completed pretty fast so taking time isn’t really an option. Taking random swings is also not an option because knocking the sensei often breaks one way or another when the game.