Friday Free App Rundown January 12 – Math Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 12 – Math Games

Jan 11, 2013

Math is hard for a lot of people. Try remembering the multiplication tables after being out of school for a few years, it’s near impossible for most people. To keep those sorts of things fresh in the old grey matter, the knowledge needs to be used somewhat frequently. This week we will be talking about some different games to help learn and retain some of those math skills.

Math Maniac

Addition is one of the most basic methods learned to solve a math problem. Math Maniac give a number and its up to the player to find as many number combinations to add up to the given number. Any combination with the correct answer will work as long as they are entered within the allotted time. In this version of Math Maniac , each time a game is started, it starts from level 1. To restart at a previously reached level, an upgrade needs to be purchased.

Download Math Maniac

Math Attack

For a little more advanced players, Math Attack is a game combining several methods to solve math problems. For example, the problem may consist of multiplication and addition or division and addition. To answer, choose from one of the multiple choices shown. Complete the problem in the allotted time to move forward. Progress and statistics are kept. This way it’s easy t see if there is an increase in time or ability.

Download Math Attack

Math Workout

Just like a muscle, working out the mind keeps it fit and trim. Test different skills ranging from simple to taking Online World Challenge. This is a times competition to see how fast one can complete 50 basic math problems. The idea of Math Workout is to use it daily. This should help increase the ability to do basic mental math. Something most people need a little work with.

Download Math Workout

Math Practice Flash Cards

While this one isn’t as much of a game as others, using flashcards can really help with memorizing and problem solving. Create different sets of problems and answer them with either multiple choice or using the number pad. Math Practice Flash Cards works on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division only. If desires, the multiple attempts to answer the problem can be allowed.

Download Math Practice Flash Cards

Kids Math

When kids are learning math, they need to have it be a bit more entertaining. This helps hold their attention a bit longer and makes the math problems more memorable for them. The levels are timed starting at 30 seconds per problem. All 8 levels need to be completed within the allotted time. Give it a spin and make sure the problems are what your child can handle.

Download Kids Math

Friday Free Game Rundown October 19th – Kids Games

Friday Free Game Rundown October 19th – Kids Games

Oct 19, 2012

Kids are not so easily entertained these days. They feel the need to have 65 different games just in case they have the urge to play one. To help the indecisive youth of today, the list below is a range of games kids could play to occupy their time. Some of the games are brain teasers while others are just for entertainment.

Flow Free

Flow Free looks like a simple game. It’s not easy after a few levels though. I looked at it initially and thought it would be a game for smaller children. I was pretty wrong. As the game progresses, the levels become more of a puzzle. Not letting the lines touch is harder than it looks. It’s like Tron without the light cycles.

Download Flow Free

Fruit Ninja Free

Even though a game is fun, it can be a game to improve a child without them even knowing it. Fruit Ninja Free is a game to surely improve hand eye coordination a long with quick decision making. Having fruit tossed in the air, a fast decision needs to be made in order to slice all of the fruit to get the combo bonus. When obstacles are thrown into the mix, a quick eye is needed in order to get the fruit and avoid the bad stuff.

Download Fruit Ninja Free

Coin Dozer

Whenever I am at an arcade or a fair, I love to play games like Coin Dozer . The goal is to get as many coins and prizes to drop within the time period. One little shift in the coins can create a windfall or heartbreak. Coin games like this are somewhat guided by luck, but super addictive to play.

Download Coin Dozer


If a kid grows up and doesn’t know the most basic card game known to every person with a Windows computer, that child was not raised well. ;-) Solitaire is a game of luck and strategy. Many variations are out there, but like any other game, learning the base game will make the other variations much more fun.

Download Solitaire


I’m not sure what makes hamburgers so interesting. Several games and even television shows have been made with hamburgers being an important theme. Burger is a game about a hamburger shop. Career mode is about making the best burger. Find the best ingredients and make it fast. Simple, fun and makes me hungry for a cheeseburger hot off the grill.

Download Burger

Friday Android Free Game Recap August 24

Friday Android Free Game Recap August 24

Aug 24, 2012

Legos are super fun to build things with but suck to step on with bare feet. For this week’s Friday Android Free Game Recap, we will take a look at a few applications having to do with Legos. For the Lego builders out there, an app in the list is a guide to ideas of things to build. The other Android applications in the list are games. Let us know what you have to say about the Lego revolution in the comment section below.

LEGO App4+

Part of the fun when building something with LEGOs is playing with it afterward. LEGO App4+ is a game for kids 4 and older to do just that. First a vehicle will need to be built then it’s driven through the level by holding a single button. For people who aren’t a little kid and like a challenge, try and tip the vehicle over. I tried several times and couldn’t get it to topple.

Download LEGO App4+

LEGO Duplo Zoo

This cute little game is sure to entertain the youngest tech savvy members of the family. While there isn’t a lot to LEGO Duplo Zoo, there is a fun interactive adventure for the kids to follow.

Download LEGO Duplo Zoo

Unblock LEGO

The Unblock games are pretty challenging. The idea is to move around the block to get the red block through the exit. I thought I was pretty good until I steadily lost to a 7 year old girl. Not cool. Anyway, several other games like it are out there, this one just has a LEGO theme to it.

Download Unblock LEGO

LEGO Creationary

LEGO Creationary is pretty sweet. As something is being built out of LEGOs one of the 4 choices in the corners of the screen can be pressed to guess. The faster the correct answer is guessed, the more points are given.

Download LEGO Creationary

LEGO building examples

Even the most crafty LEGO builder can run out of ideas on what to construct. LEGO building examples will show how to build some cool buildings. Follow the steps and make a masterpiece. Other similar apps are out there giving ideas for things to build other than buildings.

Download LEGO building examples