Kill All Zombies Review

Kill All Zombies Review

Nov 6, 2013

Zombies just can’t catch a break. Everyone’s out to kill them, and for why? Because they want to eat other people’s brains? Actually, that sounds fair enough. We probably should do our best to kill them all. Kill All Zombies seems to agree with this sentiment as well judging by its name and content.

Kill All Zombies is an ‘endless runner’ type game. There’s no ‘ending’ and it’s all about getting further than before, killing more zombies than before and getting a higher score than before. Think along the lines of Jetpack Joyride but with less jetpacks and more undead creatures.

You play as one of 3 characters who sits at the bottom of the screen. Depending on your character, you’ll be on a bike, a scooter or a motorcycle. What you’re riding doesn’t really matter, because they all play the same. You character will be firing projectiles upwards (mounted machine guns, ninja stars, etc) and all you need to is swipe at the bottom of the screen to move yourself left or right.KaZ3

Some of the obstacles you come accross can’t be removed by simply shooting at them, so sometimes you’ll need to swipe to avoid them, whilst other times you’ll want to swipe to get in front of them and let your weapons take care of them. Where possible, you’ll want to take out the zombies (remember the game’s called Kill All Zombies?). This is because you earn coins, gain points and increase your multiplier.

Earning coins will allow you to upgrade your character’s abilities and these are similar to what you’ve likely seen before. An ability that ‘magnetizes’ your character, meaning coins don’t need to be bumped into to collect them as well as general stat increases mean that your character’s runs will become more and more profitable the longer you play. You can also purchase upgrades to special vehicles you run into during each play.

These special vehicles are only available for a limited time before they explode and you’re back to riding your bike. There’s only two special vehicles so far and they offer a good way to increase your score drastically. A rocket-powered lawnmower and a giant robot similar to ED-209 are yours for a limited time with purchased upgrades making this time longer.

The game also offers a ‘levelling’ system that allows you to acquire a better score multiplier. An interesting idea that keeps runs interesting, you level up by meeting certain requirements. For example, you’ll need to destroy 5 phone-boxes or run over 10 hedges. After you complete 3 of these missions you’ll level up.

So, for the most part, Kill All Zombies is a fine runner style game that has some nice art direction, with colourful and exaggerated cartoon-like characters all over the screen. Different zombie types keep things interesting and the world is well-laid out, meaning you’ll have to keep an eye on what’s going on as buses on their side will block your path.

One huge issue is that the game keeps on crashing. There hasn’t been a single play session (15-20 minutes) where the game didn’t stop working. I have some faith that it’s a kink that will get ironed out, but it’s something that means this great game only gets a good score. After contacting the developers, they stated;

“We’ll keep investigating it and, as part of our constant effort to make the game as smooth and flawless as we can, we shall release an update soon with this fix.”