Enemy Strike Review

Enemy Strike Review

Mar 13, 2013

Enemy Strike is an interesting fixed FPS game from Killer Bean Studios.

I started out with 15,000 in currency with 10 gold bars and at Level 1 with regards to experience. For gameplay, I was shown a compact city grid with multiple types of flare-ups. There were target snipers, an area to survive, a defensive section and an eliminate area. Picking a section led me to its menu, which was a quick mission summary. I also had an opportunity to get equipment prior to starting. I liked the fact that the game forced me to give some thought to my acquisitions; do I splurge on armor, or do I look for raw firepower? Do I pick increased damage capabilities over increased rewards? There was an opportunity costs associated with each scenario.

The first fight scene I was involved in pitted me against some embedded snipers, which I had to neutralize. I quickly learned the ins and outs (crouching, firing and more. The game UI did a decent job of mimicking real military tactics; enemy combatants eagerly backed each other up and even performed what seemed to be flanking maneuvers on me. The shooting mechanism was fairly easy to understand, and the built-in sights helped with accuracy. Upon taking care of the waves of alien fighters, I was given my stats, as well as any rewards in gold, cash or experience points I had earned.

The other adventures matched this general pattern: I got my mission, had a chance to gear up for it, went out and performed said mission and reaped the rewards. I liked the creativity that showed in the diversity of the missions.

The in-app purchasing system was designed well; it’s actually one that I wouldn’t mind spending cash on. Still, it was possible to play without in my estimation, and the game had different ways to earn bonuses, like using social networking and interacting with Tapjoy.

The coloration was intense, and reflected urban areas quite well. The aliens retained humanoid shapes, which was fairly unique. I thought the animations could have been smoother, but the different backgrounds were nice to look at. I think I would also have liked the ability to move, at least in places.

All in all though, it was a fun game well worth the time spent playing.