Candy Crush Saga Review

Candy Crush Saga Review

Dec 21, 2012

When I first beheld Candy Crush Saga, I honestly figured to be underwhelmed. I mean, it was JABC (Just Another Bejeweled Clone), right?


Outwardly, it did have some familiar elements from popular tile-matching games: the method of swapping pieces is to create point-accumulating cascades and super pieces in a standard grid, but there was more than just subtle differences. First, in this game, there was colorful candy. Creating sets of three caused the three to explode; creating a line of four created a super-candy that could make major cascades.

Now, what made the game fun was the scoring methodology. To progress, I had to finish the level-specific task, like scoring a set number of points in a set number of moves, or pulling down randomly placed food items to the bottom and off the grid before running out of my ration of moves. This meant every move had to have a purpose, and it forced creativity towards the end.

Every level was rated via stars, and not finishing a task forced me to expend a life. Another kicker is that I had a set number of lives, and after so many “deaths” I was locked out the game for spell… impressed I wanted to pay real money for the opportunity to get back in earlier. This was somewhat of a bummer, but I cannot begrudge the reasonable (in my opinion) monetization, and I respect a developer that gambles on a game being that addictive.

Graphically the game animations were pretty nice, with explosive sequences that looked good even on non-amoled screens. The developer made good use of colors, and the candy-coated music and voice-overs mostly worked to enhance the experience.

That’s the great thing about reviewing products. I get to inadvertently judge a book by its cover, and then prove myself wrong.

Candy Crush Saga: here’s to you.