King of the Course Golf Review

King of the Course Golf Review

Jun 25, 2014

King of the Course Golf is a fun-looking golf challenge game from EA.

The gameplay is leveled, with success in the current level opening up a successive one. The intro stage introduces players to the game, with pop-up text helping the player with hands-on learning. Each level is, in essence, a challenge of some sort, and the key is to complete the challenges within the set number of shots one is allowed.

For instance, the first level shows the basics of driving the ball long. The basic controls for swinging entail tapping and holding on the screen and waiting for the swing meter to reach the optimal power level, and then swiping up to effect the strike. The idea is to get the ball as close to the cup as possible; there are circles king1around the hole, which make it look like a bullseye on the ground, and just like a dart board, there are different point awards for landing the ball in a particular ring. Of course, the closer the ball is to the hole, the higher the point tally. Then, the following portions show how to putt, adjust perspective, and even do intricate things like using gestures to affect the flight of the ball and spin on the ball itself

As the game progresses, the conditions become even more nuanced, with stuff like wind becoming an issue. To move on, one must accumulate enough points to attain one star n the star meter; 3 stars denote an excellent run. Holes in one are of especially high value, but these are also quite hard to do.

The game does have an energy requirement for free players; failing levels depletes the number of playable balls one has; when these are out, one can wait for natural replenishment over time, or just use real cash. Player attributes (like accuracy) can be improved, and there are even arcade-like items like sticky substance to help prevent the ball from rolling past the target.

All in all, it’s a fine game, albeit with the energy requirement.