Kiwi Dash Review

Kiwi Dash Review

Jan 30, 2014

Kiwi collecting Kiwi while chasing totem-stealing felines is the story behind Kiwi Dash

It’s an endless runner set in a sideways scroller. In this one, the kiwi characters are running to reclaim stolen totems; cats are the crooks in this caper. The recovery effort is done in typical running fashion, from left to right. There are uneven, gapped platforms to traverse and a jump button to the bottom left to help accomplish this. Tapping and holding the jump button miraculously causes flight for a finite time. To the bottom right is the dash button that allows our running character to literally dash forward for a short stretch.

At the top left is an energy bar; the Kiwi bird expends this when jumping or dashing. It rejuvenates over time during the run, but this a slow process. Running short of this darkens the screen ominously, and running out looks ability to jump or dash, which is invariably lethal.kiwi5

Looking the running area are groups of kiwifruit that vary in their levels of accessibility. Some are as easy as running into then in the ground; others require some jumping or flying to collect. The cats are devious, and go as far as sending missiles, which need to be avoided as much as the cats themselves. The game has some fun arcade elements, with temporary power-ups that have to be touched by the running/jumping/flying kiwi. Missing a platform or making contact with a bird or its weapon ends the run. Fruit is cumulative, but points are not.

The have also incorporates quests and levels that increase in difficulty, as well as a ranking system.

Power-ups can be purchased with collected fruit, as well as other items, like birds with advanced attributes. For folks looking for expedited access to some features, real cash can be used to purchase stuff. On the downside, I wasn’t a fan of some of the boosts, and some specials (like getting better birds) would take an awful lot of playing to get the fruit.

The graphics are whimsical, with a healthy dose of color and smooth animations, and it played well on a 9″ screen.

All in all, it’s a fun game with plenty of enjoyable elements. But again, it’s what we expect from Gamevil.