Teslapunk Review

Teslapunk Review

Aug 19, 2013

Teslapunk is space shoot-em-up with a futuristic look and easy-to-understand gameplay.

It comes in two gameplay flavors: arcade and survival. In survival, it’s literally a matter of staying alive as long as possible. Columns of obstacles block progress, and it takes a lot of darting in and out to stay as alive as long as possible. Arcade is aimed at maximizing multiplier potential.

The Survival mode gives a great demo of the gameplay, and like the arcade format, appears in top-bottom 2D form, withtesla1 the protagonist spaceship flying from top to bottom of the screen to the top. It perpetually fires ammunition, and can be maneuvered by tapping and holding (dragging) the virtual image. Flying in the opposite direction towards this craft are several obstacles of varying lethality. The very first danger is the continual wall of enemy craft flying in formation. These crafts usually filled the screen flying 5-deep, so the only means of egress is to shoot a path through them, as colliding with them ends the run. These spacecrafts also vary in defensive capabilities, so some are easier to destroy than others; this consideration is especially important in the earlier parts of the game, when powerful weapons may not be yet available to make a path through particularly strong enemy ships before colliding with them and being destroyed.

Additionally, there is a particular projectile that s particularly deadly; it announces its imminent presence with shooting white beam. At this point, the best recourse is to get out of the way, which, because of the columned waves, is much easier said than done. There are also some evil “boss” ships, and these generally can’t be destroyed on the first run. They also spit out volleys of weaponry that spread and take some major deftness of finger to avoid. Destroyed ships yield gold coins, and there are several in-game power-ups.

The in-app store is quite affordable using accumulated coins; attributes can be improved. real cash can be spent as wellI liked the networking tie-in as well.

The art is fun to look at, effective at conveying the action and pleasantly simple in design. The animations were smooth and worked well on most of the devices I tested it on. It’a an addictive time waster, and the two modes are cherries on the top.