Klyph Pro for Facebook Review

Klyph Pro for Facebook Review

Aug 29, 2013

A true sign of Facebook’s reach is that developers work hard to make better portals for it than it can. This is usually a good thing, as it gives us an opportunity to check out apps like Klyph Pro for Facebook.

The first thing that will probably standout is how the app looks. After signing in with Facebook credentials and giving permission for posting and chatting, the shop goes straight into the newsfeed. It is easy to appreciate the clean, expansive look. There seems to be an emphasis on space that was quite appealing.

Additionally, the option set that governs the look of the app was interesting in its diversity. We all know howklyph1 Facebook looks with the familiar blue accents. What about green? The option to be a bit adventurous is there.

The customization options spill over into the amount of data that can be allowed to flow into the feed. Friends and pages can be made to restricted from the feed via tabs, which are accessible themselves from the menu slider button in the top left of the viewing area.

The navigation keeps Facebook’s familiar elements at the forefront, with the seamless ability to post and comment. Pictures and images take center stage. The developer clearly states the influence of Google+ on the appearance of the app, and yes, in my estimation, it is indeed there. There is a delicate balance that I think had to be maintained when doing stuff like this, and I think the developer traverses it relatively comfortably.

Klyph is a work in progress, and as such is missing some things that could make Facebook heavies howl (like chat). I was a bit disappointed that the “@” tagging convention doesn’t work — how else can I make fun of people and make sure they see it? I understand this is an API issue.

It packs a lot, missing some goodies as of now, but it works well with what it does have, and does provide decent access to the world’s most popular social joint.