SirVival Review

SirVival Review

Oct 2, 2015

Our heroes in this romp are the noble knight SirVival, and his equally gallant horse, interestingly named Tantrum. Both are consumed by the challenge of saving a princess from a dragon that can only be as terror-inducing as its name, Maelstrom “The Malevolent.”

Yes, it’s a damsel in distress caper with the requisite backstory. Ah…

Visually, it is a well done affair, sporting vivid characterizations and a liberal use of descriptive color. It pays ode to the assumed time period with the entire look of the game, from the adoring crowds in the background to the particular adornments festooned upon man and beast. It is fun, pretty nice without being too serious, and frames the game well in landscape orientation.

Per gameplay, it works like most running/platform combos: actions takes place from left to right, and is controlled by a bank of virtual buttons. It’s leveled, and our knight rides Tantrum, and is able to jump obstacles and use a lance to to “punch” through others. An encompassing tutorial starts the game, and ensures the player is comfortable using the controls, as well as introducing the players to different elements and the concept of combining controls. For instance, using the punch and jump buttons together creates a sort of jumping jab that is great for reaching specific targets.


And said targets do create a lot of the gameplay, along with gaps, obstacles, collectibles, power-ups and more. The developer incorporates switches, which in essence adjust the gameplay or open up different paths, allowing for a bit of strategy. One also finds a dynamic environment; our big, bad dragon launches firebombs, and these have to be dealt with on the fly with quick reflexes. One gets three tries per level before having to restart, quit or use gems to continue.

Collected coins can be used on in-game enhancements; real cash can be used, but isn’t entirely necessary.

Altogether, it is an engaging experience. Friendlies, mini-games and more make it an endeavor worth checking out.

Wind-Up Knight Review

Wind-Up Knight Review

Nov 14, 2011

Following your little wind up toy knight is a great and frustrating adventure in this adorable app from first-time Android developer Robot Invader. In Wind-Up Knight you take control of a mechanically simple toy knight and try to rid the lands of the evil black knight and save the princess. Your controls are limited to just jumping, rolling, and attack and defense, you have no control over any other movement. The knight works like a classic wind up doll, once it gets going it only stops when its run out of wind. If this seems limiting, it’s not. This actually adds an exciting pace to the game that makes it challenging and paired with the great, fluid animations never makes you feel overwhelmed.

The most impressive aspect of this game are the aforementioned animations. Your tiny knight runs with enthusiasm and jumps transition nicely into attacks or rolls. Adding to this are great graphics, although they only run smoothly on higher end phones. My EVO 4G had some problems keeping up the frame rate and on a game like this, where so much depends on timing, that is a killer. There were a few times where button presses wouldn’t register but these weren’t frequent enough to put a damper on the game.

Four Simple Buttons

Wind-Up Knight is not easy, multiple levels require repeated precision with no room for error. As such, some of these levels do sprints up and down that thin line between challenging and unfair. That aside, the level design is usually varied and creative. The scenery is top rate and the backgrounds add a very impressive sense of location.

Each level contains coins that are used for armor upgrades. These upgrades come in the form of helmets, shields, body armor, and swords. Some of the upgrades are functional, giving you advantages in the game, and some are purely eye candy. These are better then most upgrades in similar games, and are creative enough to stand out as a plus.

Wind-Up Knight is a very entertaining and beautiful game, and for the price of free-50, is worth checking out for anyone with a phone powerful enough to handle it.