KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower Review

KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower Review

Aug 23, 2013

I am an old timer. I used to go to the 7-eleven and pump all of my paper route money into the arcade games. Usually there was to of them so there was some choice. KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower reminds me of an old game I used to play there, so I was excited to do this review.

kunf-fu-quest-11The tutorial dojo is a good place to get and idea of how KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower is played. The side scrolling method of game play helps eliminate the need for an on-screen D-pad. I was glad about that because I am not a fan of those. Instead, on the bottom left side of the screen, there are left and a right arrows that work well. On the bottom right side of the screen are the attack buttons. The action button will punch and kick, the other is to jump.

As the game plays out, the need for knowing different moves is more essential. I didn’t really read anything about KungFu Quest : The Jade Tower before I played it because I wanted to not know what to expect. One of the things adding cool points for me was the old school end of the level Boss battle. The one that take all of the skills learned in the recently completed level to beat. So many games are getting away from this, I was happy to see it.

New strikes, or attacks, can be purchased at the store. As enemies are taken care of, coins are earned. The coins are not what purchase the moves though. The orbs purchase the new moves. These are earned through finishing levels and such. When a new strike is purchased, they can be added to an existing combo to make it faster or more powerful.

Overall I really like the action and ease of the controls. It made for a fun review. I am sure I will keep playing it as I get more moves and farther into the game.

Bam Fu Review

Bam Fu Review

Jul 30, 2013

OKay, I have to say Bam Fu can be a really fun game to play with a few people. The smaller the screen the more difficult it can actually be. The idea behind the game is to get all of the pebbles on the screen to be your color. To win, the person who changes all of the pebbles in their color takes the cake. I know that sounds easy, but it’s all out war.

In the beginning of a match, the layout of the pebbles can be chosen. Even though there are only a few on the screen, it isn’t all that easy to get them to change to a single color. Be quick. If playing a dual player match, the pebbles are random colors. There are also some pebbles that change colors making it harder to have all of the colors match.

bam-fu-11To play with more than two players, the three and four player level needs to be unlocked. To unlock it, there is a cost of 99 cents.

Playing a dual with more pebbles on the screen will give you better odds of not getting smashed knuckles from trying get that last pebble to change. Due to the feverous tapping on the screen, try not to smash the screen or it might end up being a really bad day.

The game is really responsive and the pebbles change color with a light tap. There really isn’t too much to the controls other than quick taps of the screen but the controls do what they need to do well. Bam Fu is one of those games to pull out when there are a few people around, maybe waiting in line for something and have at it. Play around with some of the different configurations to make the challenge fun for everyone.

To-Fu 2 Review

To-Fu 2 Review

Sep 28, 2012

To-Fu 2 is one of those games that’s a little off the wall. I mean seriously, who dreams up with the main character is a hunk of tofu who knows kung fu… Kinda. It would be more of an Angry Birds style if it were to be classified as a style.

The game starts out fairly simple on the first couple of levels. It’s not a tutorial but getting the hang of basic movements is what’s needed to get to the levels. The thing to watch out for are the spikes. If the spikes are touched at all the little kung fu hero dies. By stretching the tofu superhero and letting go is flung across an opening until he reaches a wall or another surface to stick to. This is what’s called a ping. There is also a super pain which lets the tofu fly through objects.

The object is to get to the end of the level and crack the pink fortune kitty with as few pings as possible. There’s a set number of pings apparently possible to complete the level. Some levels this seems pretty difficult to complete in the number of pings they suggest. Some levels have metal areas allowing the kung fu knowing tofu to ricochet off of. When using the metal to ricochet, it’s a matter of getting it just right. If a metal slab isn’t hit precisely, it will take more pings to get to the end.

To practice, there’s a dojo. The dojo is a room with walls in the ceiling. Both have metal spots on them to practice ricocheting and get used to the physics of the game.

Another option is a game is the time trial mode. In the time trial the goal is to collect as many of the little blue balls as possible. The little blue balls are Chi.

Friday Free Game Rundown September 28th

Friday Free Game Rundown September 28th

Sep 28, 2012

People like to fight; it’s in our nature. Sports like hockey and boxing are popular because of the aggressive nature and well, the fighting. This week’s 5 pack of free Android games are all about laying fist to face. Or at least hitting the opponent in the face with something. Those fantasy fighting games can throw in some magic attacks.

Kung Fu Do Fighting

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting… um..yeah. Sorry about that. The song popped into my head when I read the title of the game. Anyway, Kung Fu Do Fighting has the graphics of a lot of early 90’s fighting games. The two different modes offer different challenges making it fun to play over and over.

Download Kung Fu Do Fighting

Fists For Fighting

I’m not sure what else fists are for really. Fists For Fighting shows how much damage a fist can really do when applied to the face of a fellow boxer. Get in the ring and knock around the opponent Rocky style in this story based boxing game. Try the different arenas and boxers. While the Eye of the Tiger won’t be playing in the background, boxing matches still get the blood pumping.

Download Fists For Fighting (F*3 Free)

Fighting Tiger – Liberal

While 2D martial arts games are fun, 3D movement makes for a greater challenge. Having the 3D movement opens the door for a lot of cool moves and combos. And let’s be honest, isn’t that what these games are all about? Fighting in the coolest way possible. Pick up some weapons along with the fighting skills: punching, kicking and scratching.
Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal


This is a game without a rating. There IS blood and gore. Check out BLOOD AND GLORY Clean Version to not let the blood show. That being said, BLOOD AND GLORY is a 3D gladiator fighting game. All the weapons and scary opponents are right on with the time period. Accumulate a grouping of death wielding weapons to better fight the other gladiators in the ring. Learn a few combos and defeat the enemy with ease.

Download BLOOD & GLORY (NR)

Battle Arena FREE Avatar Fight

The movies showing the mystical powers being used during a fight are pretty awe inspiring. Battle Arena FREE Avatar Fight is an Android fighting game bring those mystical powers to the small screen. Building up or creating an avatar to fight in the Battle Arena is the ultimate challenge. Create new weapons and armor, play against others online and build a clan. The story mode is less of a vs. style battle and more or a career mode type game.

Download Battle Arena FREE Avatar Fight