Landscape Version of Vector Invaders Arrives on Google Play

Landscape Version of Vector Invaders Arrives on Google Play

Feb 4, 2017

Gazzapper Games has a pretty good track record with bringing retro-ish games to Android devices, and now, we get to see a new version of one of it’s earlier games.

Vector Invaders: Space Shooter is a fine fresh take on the space shooting games of old; the portrait-oriented shooter has good feedback.

Now, based on demand, Gazzapper Games has launched a landscape version of the game called Vector Invaders (Landscape). The game is essentially unchanged except for the orientation, which we figure will be great for folks rocking tablets.

★ Fun! Halloween, B-movie, Green screen Overlays (Optional) – Just like the Vec trex Console
★ Global High Score table – For Fun! Use your Twitter id in score table :)
★ Two control modes Buttons or Drag (tapping upper part of screen to fire)
★ [Update] Left & Right button control options
★ CRT scanline effects
★ Dark Mode option
★ Bombs dropped by the space aliens
★ Shots at various speeds / Mystery space ship bonus
★ Invaders advance faster on later levels

Like the original, this one is free — within-app purchases.


The Nexus 7 Finally Gets a Landscape Home Screen in Android 4.1.2

The Nexus 7 Finally Gets a Landscape Home Screen in Android 4.1.2

Oct 16, 2012

Good news, everyone! And I don’t mean that in the way Professor Farnsworth means it. Android 4.1.2 has been released for the Nexus devices, including the Motorola Xoom (pretty much a Nexus device at this point) and the Nexus 7. There’s the random assortment of bug fixes that come with a minor sub-decimal release, but there’s one new feature for the Nexus 7 that improves the experience greatly: the ability to use the homescreen in landscape.

Before, it only worked in portrait, leading to awkward situations where quitting an app or game in landscape would leave the device turned on the wrong side. Google has updated the stock launcher to support auto-rotation in the 7″ tablet interface; icons rotate and widgets will intelligently be re-sized when turning to landscape. Settings is now landscape-enabled as well. It’s a minor fix, but it improves the usability of the Nexus 7, as it feels far less awkward to navigate menus now. However, it does take some getting used to after months of acclimation to the portrait launcher. Still, we’ll take it! The update is propagating now.