Laser Flee – Retro Spaceship Review

Laser Flee – Retro Spaceship Review

May 12, 2014

Tis the season to go retro… and Laser Flee – Retro Spaceship definitely feels invested in the spirit.

It’s a straightforward affair with several elements that look to reward quick thinking and visual acuity. The graphics are rendered in 2D form, with the craft having to move from left to right to finish the level. The artwork is purposefully simple with non-subtle retro leanings. The entire graphical look comes together just as one would expect in an old school shooter; the animations convey the action, and the game needs few tutorials to understand. The controls are equally as simple: a joystick and a shooting button nestled at the bottom corners of the screen.

The gameplay is mostly defined by the obstacles that make up a major par of the game. as already mentioned, the space1ship starts off from the left of the screen; generally, there are block-like structures that block egress from the left part of the screen to the right, and using the gun through the not-permanent block usually forges a path. Secondarily, to get across the colored gate at the other side, it is necessary to collect a key by contact.

To compound matters, there is a red laser beam that extends from the top to bottom of the playing area that is closing in on the protagonist ship, so the player does not have all day to dilly-dally around; as the game goes on, speed of action definitely becomes a factor, and the placement of the key to the exit gate can cause all sorts of havoc. Another factor is that the ammo is limited; thus, looking for power-ups is crucial. Soon, things like moving blades become present.

All in all, this is another game that proves that fun gaming can be had with a simple, retro skin.