Friday Android Free Game Recap August 10th

Friday Android Free Game Recap August 10th

Aug 10, 2012

Zombies are everywhere. No, I don’t mean the zombies are attacking. I mean there is a zombie craze going on. Feel like joining in on the outbreak? Below is a list of some popular and fun games having to do with zombies in one way or another.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Samurai vs Zombies Defense is a more of a strategy game than most of the others on the list. Not only will there be attacking with weapons and magic, the characters look like they could be from NBA Jam with the big head code on. I think I dated myself there. Form alliances and keep the evil undead from getting to the princess.

Download Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies is a thinking game. There is limited ammo, so using the objects in the vicinity. This might be using a grenade or a ricocheting bullet to kill more than one of the undead. Hit a barrel and watch it take out a row of brain eaters. Be creating and play the angles and use physics to take them all out in as few steps as possible.

Download Stupid Zombies

Zombie Village

Someone has to be the last man standing. Play this never ending game as the last person around. The flesh eaters will keep coming. This means further into the game, upgraded weapons and supplies are needed. I’m not sure who the people are selling the upgrades since there isn’t anyone else left, but I guess it’s a game, right?

Download Zombie Village

Shoot the Zombirds

Shoot the Zombirds is a graveyard game where the pumpkin archer is shooting down infested crows and other things in the air. With the combination of a crossbow and magic, protecting the pumpkin kids is all up to the accuracy of the shooter. Upgrades include costumes resembling classic horror movie characters and weapon upgrades.

Download Shoot the Zombirds

Zombies Live

How freaky would it be to wake up undead? Well, here is the game to find out what it’s like. Start off by feeding on the flesh of the people in the morgue, then work around the areas setting traps and building a horde of zombies. Not the kind of crew from the Thriller video. I mean a vicious band of flesh eaters. Join friends and strangers by playing Zombies Live online.

Download Zombies Live