Le Vamp Review

Le Vamp Review

Jul 26, 2013

It must be tough being a vampire. You’ve got a limited time of day in which you can be up and about. You can’t check yourself out in the mirror. There’s the whole ‘having to drink people’s blood’ thing. It sounds like a right hassle. On top of that, there are some vampires that have the added burden of parenthood, as in Le Vamp.

In Le Vamp you take control of a troublesome vampire who’s barely out of nappies. Assuming vampires use nappies. This cheeky little terror of the night has decided to skip his bedtime and run amok in what I assume is a village outside of Paris. This hasn’t gone unnoticed though, as the petit vampire has managed to upset many French stereotypes meaning an angry mob of farmers, mimes and Napoleon lookalikes will be chasing down our blood-sucking friend.

Le Vamp, in short, is an infinite runner. A game where the objective is to beat your last score and run for as long as you can. In Le Vamp, the run is over when the angry mob chasing you catches up to you and sends you back to bed – or should that be crypt?

The mob will only catch you when you your health bar reaches zero, but this game throws plenty at you to ensure that eventually happens. The game tasks you with swiping and prodding at a number of different elements that appear on the screen. Enemies that need to be dazed, pigs that need to be flung into the vampire’s mouth and coins that need to be tapped to be collected. This is most definitely one of the better examples of the infinite runner genre as it’s got plenty of variety when it comes to obstacles and collectables to keep an eye on.LeVamp2

At the end of each run you can use the coins you’ve collected to power up the vampire for its next run. More health, a larger combo meter and the ability to become a ‘coin magnet’ are some of the perks on offer. On top of that, during each run there are collectable buffs that will aid you on your quest to avoid bed time. A coffee bean that slows down time, for example.

This well thought out infinite runner is helped greatly by some rather charming visuals. Everything has been given a gallic twist, with the music containing accordions and a number of croissants littered in the background of the level.

Whilst it may not be better than others in the genre (Jetpack Joyride being one example) it’s definitely as good as any other ‘runner’ on the market. The developers also seem to be supporting the title, offering updates that will unlock further costumes and abilities along the way.

Le Vamp is a great title that does infinite running extremely well and with more charm than most.