Glyph Quest Review

Glyph Quest Review

Mar 28, 2014

Glyph Quest is another in the crowded field of combat puzzlers. Will it cast a spell on you?

Glyph Quest boils down to a long series of fights that take place across a map. There are dozens of fights to get through and between fights earned coins can be used at the shop to buy new upgrades and items to help in battle.

Screenshot_2014-03-28-20-58-40Glyph Quest has highly focused and enjoyable gameplay. The game takes the form of a battle, like a lot of puzzle games today. Matching elemental symbols results in an attack of that element, the more symbols the stronger the attack. Alternating between elements results in bonus damage if opposite elements are used, but linking opposing elements in the same attack results in a backfire, which damages your mage. A steady stream of abilities and spells are unlocked as the player levels up, enemies are nice and varied and there are plenty of status effects and other quirks to force players to mix up their strategies. For example, goblin mages can hide all the tiles under question marks and spiders can use web attacks that make certain tiles unavailable to use in a combo.

Glyph Quest really has some personally too. Just about everything in the game is tongue in cheek and there are plenty of amusing item descriptions and funny bits to uncover.

Screenshot_2014-03-28-20-59-50The game keeps track of what spells and enemies the player has seen and it is fun collecting everything in the game just so you can see what funny description or neat monster graphic will show up next. This gives the game a nice feeling of progression as well.

These fun collect-a-thons give the game heaps of longevity and along with the extensive single player mode ensures that gamers will get plenty of life out of Glyph Quest.

Besides the quest mode the game has a change mode that is pretty much just a survival mode to see how far the player can get with no access to items. Online leaderboards are available.

Glyph Quest looks great. Charming, hand drawn graphics mesh very well with the stylish spell effects and really give the game a soft, welcoming look that is unassuming without being boring.

The sound while limited is enjoyable. Each spell makes a different sound and the music suits the game well. It is unfortunate that there are only two pieces in the game but what’s there is well done.

Glyph Quest will likely win points with many gamers for its lack on microtransactions, the only purchase in the game is a $2 once off fee to unlock the rest of the game once the player reaches level 5. This is a nice change and more than reasonable with the amount of gameplay on offer

Glyph Quest is a fun game and while its gameplay has been seen before it’s rarely executed this well.