Vaja New Agenda Case Review

Vaja New Agenda Case Review

Dec 13, 2016

Almost as far back as I can remember — along my gadget-owning timeline — Vaja had been an accessory presence. The name mostly invokes classy quality, and even today, it looks to continually prove that smartphone protection need not be a completely utilitarian “p” word.

We figured it would be the perfect manufacturer to toss into our case roundup.

We asked Vaja to surprise us. They obliged with the New Agenda, custom made for the Samsung S7 Edge.

The review case underscores Vaja’s attention to detail, with deliberate wrapping. The case itself looks and feels good right out if the box, sporting premium Argentinean leather bound on a minimalist polycarbonate core. Said core commands most of the back of the case, and allows for a form-fitting snap-on system; it also had a getting flap that is intended to cover the front of the phone, and which gives it its “agenda” styling. It has the necessary camera cutouts, and the edgeless sides allow for manipulation of the host device’s signature panels.

It attaches to the device easily enough by snapping on, and the whole solution is quite intuitive, and just as easily removed. The fit is tight without being overly restrictive, and the four-corner design does an equitable job of keeping the case on securely.


The leather exterior culminates in the aforementioned flap that provides adjustable cover for the front of the device; the inner part is in felt, and houses a magnet to facilitate secure closure.

In usage, the case had a small profile, such that it provides close to complete coverage without too much added bulk. The seams are well stitched, which allow it to reside in the pocket without causing discomfort. All buttons and ports are easily accessible, and the case can even be positioned to hold up the phone in landscape orientation.

The case does prohibit wireless charging in our testing, but, in another vein, does work with wet-applied screen protectors. Big bummer on the former, yay on the latter. This probably won’t provide the protection that a hardcore case would, but it does help provide insurance against wear and tear and small bangs while managing to look good while doing it.

All in all, it’s a fine looking accessory that has added benefits. For an expensive daily driver, it definitely is a great complement.

The case is $49 on Vaja’s website.

Proporta Leather Case Hardware Review

Proporta Leather Case Hardware Review

Jul 12, 2013

Full disclosure: I tend to like Proporta products.

They have been in the smartphone accessories game for a long time; Old-school Palm PDA fans like myself will most likely recognize the name. The company adjusted well to the smartphone boon, and thus, I did look forward to reviewing some of its latest offerings.

The review package was humble enough, but didn’t look worse for the wear considering the lengthy trip it took to get Stateside. Inside the small package was the Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Case for the HTC ONE X. Big bonus, because when it comes to leather cases, I much prefer over the top flip cases, as they allow the phone to be used while still in the case.2013-07-11 13.16.39

The case came in black leather, with a striped velvety interior on the base and a light tan leather on the interior of the flip case. On the inside of the base are two plastic harnesses that hold the firm in place. Towards the ends of the leather lase, a magnetic clasp and receptacle match perfectly. I would have loved an optional clip, but nerd habits die hard.

The protective feature of the case is what makes it more than just a pretty piece. It has a protective metal sheet that fits seamlessly into the stitching of the top; it provides invaluable protection for those all-important yet vulnerable screens we all like to look at. The camera cut-out fit perfectly, and all the ports are accessible.

The case does feel sturdily made, while retaining an elegant look. In actual trials, it was a very snug fit; there won’t be any shaking the case off in error. The case added a minimum of bulk, and felt firm yet forgiving.

I would have love a clip; yes, it’s geeky, but it worked well slipped in my pocket. In any case, the option exists with other Proporta cases.

There is such a wide variety of cases, so much so that it is probably easier to find a smartphone that does not have a corresponding custom case.

This case is available at the Proporta website for (at the time of publication of this review) for $39.95.