Legends of Loot Review

Legends of Loot Review

Aug 8, 2013

Grabbing loot is all the rage. There’s something to be said about raiding crypts, stealing from ancient burial sites and straight up robbing people of their accidentally dropped chests of treasure. Legends of Loot knows this and is all about picking up what isn’t yours, killing those that disagree with your thievery and escaping from a range of exotic burglar traps.

Legends of Loot doesn’t even try with a story. Ignore the intro cut-scene that looks like it’s trying to set up a story, because there isn’t one. You simply go from maze to maze picking up loots and slaying enemies. Maps are pretty well structured and contain all manner of traps to stop you. Spikes, secret passage, levers and locked doors will keep you on your toes and force you to explore the maps thoroughly.

Whilst you’re making your way through each level you’ll also come into contact with enemies. This starts off a fight which is something of a Fruit Ninja clone. You slice at yellow dots whilst avoiding red dots. Doing so will cause damage to your foe and allow you to dodge their attacks as well. It’s pretty simple, though different weapon types require different attack patterns. For example, swords require you to slice yellow dots whilst a magic item will have you pressing down on a yellow dot. Not exactly mind blowing, but you’ll probably find a style that you prefer.unnamedCA6GAA75

Aside from wandering through dungeons and getting into battles, you can also spice up your dungeon run by betting on how well you think you’ll do in your run. For example, you put money down on the fact you think you’ll get through the maze without dying. Cough up your money and if you’re successful you’ll get a reward. Once you finish your maze, it’s time to see what spoils you’ve gathered.

There’s a problem here, as you have to pay to ‘repair’ whatever new weapons you find. This is a pain as money is hard to build up and the whole game seems to be based on you finding new loot, but then stops you from enjoying your loot by forcing you to save up enough money to use it. The cynic in me wants to highlight the fact you can pay real money to use the items you’ve found.

In the end, Legend of Loot is just a bit dull. The combat doesn’t really get that interesting and gaining new weapons is so slow thanks to the fact you have to pay for everything. It’s a shame as Legend of Loot could have been a fun loot driven game, but as it is, it’s a slow crawl through dungeons followed by an expensive restoration bill.