Legion of Heroes Gets ‘Booster Update’

Legion of Heroes Gets ‘Booster Update’

Jan 20, 2016

Legion of Heroes is getting an update that is rolling out now, dubbed the “Booster Update,” which coincides with the game’s release on iOS.

The “Boost Update” includes:
· Brand new UI design with improved graphics;

· Main characters can gain a new maximum level and a new look to match their power;
· New hero combo features with powerful and unique effects cast when heroes battle;
· Equipment now feature set effects to unleash its true potential;

· Increased difficulty and more rewards now available for Chaos Abyss;

· New and improved equipment interface and co-op missions.

Players can receive three platinum cards for new heroes by entering the following codes:
· LOHLEGENDUPDATE (now through Jan. 31)

· BOOSTERUPDATE (Jan. 20 through Feb. 29)

To celebrate Legion of Heroes on iOS, the game will feature a special limited, in-game event now through Feb. 10. During the special in-game event, players will be able to:
· Recruit special heroes by collecting materials gathered throughout their journey;

· Receive bonus heroes and gear after reaching levels 25 and 50;

· Receive bonus legendary gear for clearing scenario 1, 2, and 3.

The game is available on Google Play for free (with in-app purchases).

Legion of Heroes Marks Thanksgiving with ‘Legend’ Update

Legion of Heroes Marks Thanksgiving with ‘Legend’ Update

Nov 26, 2015

NEXON’s popular RPG Legion of Heroes is getting into the holiday mood with an update that is available now.

Dubbed the “Legend Update,” the new build brings new heroes, chapters, content and more.

The “Legend Update” includes:
· New Legendary / Mythic Heroes
· New chapters giving players the chance to start a new adventure
· New content from the “Guild Hideout” to enhance non-playable character functions
· New equipment as well as updates to effects and previous Legendary Equipment
· All heroes have been upgraded to have the same stats as during their previous Attack Boost Event periods.

To celebrate this epic new update, special events are available for a limited time, including:
· An opportunity to receive three platinum cards, which can be used to earn Heroes over Rank 3 and above. To do this, players can go to the in-game coupon window and enter “LOHLEGENDUPDATE”
· Secure Legendary Equipment Box Coupons by visiting the official Facebook page as well as Rank 6 Hero Hire Coupons by visiting the official BlogSpot page
· Daily items to boost in-game performance by logging into Legion of Heroes every day starting Nov. 25 through Dec. 22.

Legions of Heroes remains free on Google Play; its trailer is below:

Nexon M’s Legion of Heroes Enters Public Beta for Android Users

Nexon M’s Legion of Heroes Enters Public Beta for Android Users

Jun 19, 2014

Nexon M has announced their upcoming MMORPG Legion of Heroes, which they want to provide a PC-quality experience on mobile, is entering a public beta. Android owners with devices running Android 4.0 or later can sign up here to try the beta and give feedback, with the beta opening up on June 26th.