Crystal Storm Review

Crystal Storm Review

Aug 26, 2013

Pick 3 games are renown for being easy to understand. Bejeweled ensured that it remains a popular genre, but there are several challengers to the throne. Crystal Storm makes a good case to be the go-to pick 3 game, and that’s because it mostly does not stay pat; it is an adventurous title.

What sets this game apart are the elements included. First, the grid containing the colored jewelry is not necessarily square, so it looks a bit different. The duality of the gameplay is also refreshing; there is rapid fire gameplay that pits eyes and fingers against a time else clock, and there are slightly more relaxed levels that have a finite number of moves. I like the way these change as it keeps the senses in tune to the game.crystal1

The actual gameplay is similar, at first blush, to Bejeweled: find sets of three or more adjacent jewels of the same color, and tap them to dissolve them. Dissolving the jewels scores points, and dissolved jewels are replaced via virtual gravity from an unending supply at the top. The shapes of the playing grid generally lend themselves to the creation of interesting cascades, and a little bit of strategy can lead to advantageous swathes of same colored items. The gameplay is leveled; success opens up more levels and coinage. There are special power ups that can be unlocked or purchased with game coins as well; they help with garnering more points.

And it wouldn’t be a good pick 3 game without good artwork. The graphics are top notch, and the animations were effective at enhancing the game play. The jewels had a nice glimmer to them, and even the suggestion flashes were nice. The sounds match the gameplay, and can be toggled.

The game’s in-app store was very much a part of the game; losing the allocation of lives freezes play for a set time unless credits are purchased. It’s an interesting process that I didn’t mind too much; I mean, it makes the game that much more addictive. You can also boast about achievements on Facebook.

Familiar, but unique… this game is mostly wrapped in the attributes that make a winner.