TowerMadness 2 Review

TowerMadness 2 Review

Jan 31, 2014

TowerMadness 2 is perhaps not the most innovative tower defense game of all-time, but it’s a solid effort.

Really, standard open-field tower defense rules apply: there’s towers with different ranges and effects, they can be upgraded to do more damage, or sold if not part of a good strategy any more. Success is based on whether players kept the aliens from getting in and taking too many sheep through a star system, with Invasion Mode, where waves come in faster, offering a fourth star. Players can also send in waves faster themselves to get faster times for the leaderboards.

Mixing things up from the original, this boasts a tower upgrade system, a limited number of towers that can be sent into battle, and Bo, a ram who will keep the aliens at bay when one of them gets into the sheep pen. The game is $2.99 and has wool, a currency for upgrades, but the game gives away decent amounts of it, has a doubler for $1.99, and offers up 400 wool for watching a short video. It’s not a bad deal, and the upgrades largely just add longer upgrade trees. They do help, but they’re not an overwhelming feature.

TowerMadness 2 does one technical feature in a way that other games have no excuse to do: on a device with no physical buttons like the Nexus phones, the navigation keys are sent away, thus allowing the entire phone display to be used. That few if any other games do this when it’s a supported feature (at least on Android 4.4 KitKat) is baffling because it’s fantastic. Just swipe in from the top or right edge to bring back the notification bar and nav keys.

TM2 - Gameplay 1

Another interesting technical feature is the addition of gamepad support. For a tower defense game, it seems like an odd addition, but really, it’s great: the ability to move around the board with the d-pad is well-made to where I like playing this way rather than touch because it feels more accurate and deliberate this way. It just feels good.

Really, that’s the best way to sum up TowerMadness 2: it just feels good. It has its own tower defense quirks, if not anything too revolutionary, but it’s just a solid game of tower defense.