Nuts! Review

Nuts! Review

Jul 21, 2014

If you haven’t checked out the aerial runner Nuts!, well… you get the gist.

A tree that makes legendary Hyperion seem stunted is our running path in this one. Our squirrel starts off at a running clip up the tree; it’s pertinent to note that there are coins and other goodies that are spread out around, and one of the goals is to collect as many of these coins and goodies as possible; this is facilitated by the controls, which are tilt-based in nature. Using the controls, it is possible to run around the tree and collect as many pieces as possible with the squirrel, which moves up continuously once a run is initiated.nuts1

Or, it should be noted, it runs up continuously unless it comes in contact with an obstacle; as it’s a tree, there are plenty of branches that can be a bit dangerous to our swift, upwardly mobile rodent. The branches start to appear after a bit, and their placement increases the challenge the higher up the player travels, so quick reactions become key to survival. To begin, the squirrel can survive two hits; the third knocks it down and ends the run.

Outside game cash, there are other things that can be collected. There are power-ups, such as a speedy fireball, that, when collected, gives the squirrel super speed and branch invincibility for a limited time. The game coins can also be used for a bunch of different upgrades, like extra life, which allows for the squirrel to survive more than the standard three hit before the run ends. There’s also extra value coins, and more. These upgrades are staggered an increase with each higher level. Real cash can be used to expedite upgrades.

The game also incorporates in-run achievements, giving the player an extra element to work on while running. These tasks run the gamut, from doing hings like traveling a particular distance or collecting a special piece a set number of times. There are also leaderboards for those that connect with Google Games.

The game’s greatest attribute is that it just works. It’s as intuitive as the come, with simple extras that don’t complicate or distract from the main gameplay.

And it’s almost never, ever wrong to root for the squirrel.

Zombie Gunship Review

Zombie Gunship Review

Sep 30, 2013

The zombie craze that has largely manfiested in gaming feels quite a bit overblown, as zombies are generally a dull enemy to kill over and over again. Yes, they’re slowly trudging towards me. Yes, now this one is crawling on the ground towards me. Boring.

What Zombie Gunship does that makes it such a standout game is that it actually takes advantage of the idea of large, sauntering, brainless masses by putting players in a gunship and letting them go to town on the undead.

See, in this scenario, where players control the gunner on a hovering gunship, taking out zombies before they reach the bunker, brainless enemies are preferred: players feel no guilt in killing them as they’re zombies, and there’s not even the need for advanced AI or anything. The zombies have one goal: get to the bunker. The player needs to keep them out, and they have been given the firepower to take them out.

The game’s simple control scheme, of just swiping to aim and tapping on fire to shoot, makes the game easy to get into. There’s the tap area in the top right to switch between the zoomed-out view, for seeing where the largest hordes are, and toggling between the guns. The humans, dumb though they may be when it comes to running straight through zombie hordes, at least seerve as a challenging aspect: players can’t just fire randomly at zombie hordes with the most powerful weapon because there are punishments for doing so. The rewards for saving humans could be more prevalent, though.


The graphics are unique in that because they’re simulating an infrared camera, the game can use minimalist graphics. It’s not the prettiest game, no, but it does its job well for the aesthetic that it’s creating. I wish the controls could be flipped so that I could aim with my left hand and fire with my right, instead of the default opposite. Lefty power!

The game does offer additional IAPs for buying upgraded weapons and boosts, but the game does a great job at making sure those who get in for $0.99 can advance and progress without spending any extra money. The IAP is just there for skipping ahead of the progression curve, essentially.

For those who want a zombie shoot ’em up that really takes advantage of the whole zombie aesthetic, Zombie Gunship is a great choice.

Zombie Gunship Now on Android, and it’s the Android Rundown Video of the Day

Zombie Gunship Now on Android, and it’s the Android Rundown Video of the Day

Sep 19, 2013

Killing zombies from the ground, getting up in their face? That’s for plebians. Killing zombies from the safety of a floating gunship with heavy artillery being used to annihilate the brain-eaters before they can annihilate humanity? That’s more like it. That’s been Zombie Gunship‘s claim to fame on iOS, and at last, Android gamers can get on the action starting today.

Limbic’s unique take on the zombie shooter involves taking out massive quantities of enemies, while trying to keep them from eating humans, and keeping them away from the bunker the humans run toward. The weaponry that players use gets ever more and more powerful as time goes on, thanks to the coins earned while playing that can be spent on upgrades. Even though everything is monochromatic, the thrill of killing zombies does not go away. The game is a very faithful port from iOS to Android, too.

The game is available on Google Play now, and we will have our full review soon. Until then, check out our video footage!