Slydris Review

Slydris Review

Jun 10, 2013

When it comes to Slydris (from Radiangames), I believe one can be given pass for thinking one has seen it before.

Yes, the game is very reminiscent of a famous vertical falling block game, but to describe this game with the wide swathe descriptor of being just another Tetris clone does it a huge, tragic disservice.

Nevertheless, for clarity, it helps to describe the initial feel in Tetris-y terms. The rectangular playing area should look familiar. As in Tetris, blocks drop from the top all the way down as far as as possible. When a complete line of blocks is made, it evaporates, creating more space. The basic idea is to prevent the block structure from slydris1reaching the top, as that causes the run to end.

The playing mechanism is quite different from Tetris, though. Instead of rotating shapes to maximize the fit while continually fighting gravity, in this game, sliding the blocks into open space is what is needed to create the cascades. Periodically, depending on the mode , there are a set of pieces that fall down, potentially building the wall of blocks higher.

This concept creates a somewhat familiar game with a fresh feel that requires a degree of strategy to be successful at. There are various combos that can be activated via multiple sequences and making lines of one color. Additionally, there is a “bomb” meter that rises — matures, if you will — that can be a lifesaver, as it kills any three rows selected. These helper are especially valuable against some of the traps that appear; stuff like regenerated blocks from beneath and the strategy-breaking magnets keeps folks on their toes.

The game is a fine testament to high color, with spectacular depth. I really liked how, with a toggle, the game theme changed in game. I also like the different game modes (Survival, infinite and the relaxing Zen).

Slydris is a real fun game that sneaks up on you. It can be a burst of fun, or a casual adventure; the true joy of this particular game is that it is all in the player’s hands.