Little Amazon Review

Little Amazon Review

May 31, 2013

Little Amazon is a lot of goodness packed into a genteel exterior.

Yeah, right.

It’s a running game, but keep in mind that it is from Bulkypix; this likely means there is not going to be a lot of spoon feeding. It tells the story of the evil Gruul, and the battle to bring him down.

Our protagonist, Lily, starts with little fanfare, breaking out and onto the screen and fading from left to right through a jungle interspersed with pathways of varying heights and lengths. There are plenty of treacherous obstacles, stationary and otherwise, that exist to hasten our heroine’s demise. Using the dual controls, jumping is an essential little1part of navigating through the game area. Jumping helped get our warrior to the bigger platforms and good coins (more on that later). Springing also helps to avoid ghosts and other dangers. It does become apparent that timing was a big part of controlling the jumping power; being overly, uh, jumpy could have negative consequences. Over-leaping could be just as bad as not jumping at all. There is also a weapon button that shoots.

Obviously, distance is the name of the game; going far earns points that help unlock advanced levels. Also, the entire run area is lined irregularly with coinage that can be collected by touch. Collected coins can be used to effect important upgrades to attributes that make gameplay much easier (in-app purchasing also exists). There are also mini-missions to complete and achievements to earn.

The graphics are a testament to an imaginative mind. It isn’t exactly cartoony, but does not take itself too seriously. It is a feast of pastels, with decent animations and a simple backdrop that works well with the forefront. The bad thingies looked like bad thingies, and the visual cues were good.

Little Amazon is a fun ride that more than adequately holds fulfills the promise of a tried and true genre.