Little Galaxy Review

Little Galaxy Review

Jan 24, 2014

Little Galaxy is a story of hope.

It’s about dreams, resourcefulness… and moon boots. It tells the tale of a scientist who believes that sky isn’t a limit in his quest to jump from celestial body to celestial body. And the game developers, smitten with the inspirational story but unable to help improve the moon boots, do the next best thing: they create this game.


In practice, it’s a timing game with physics-based elements. The planets are represented as round, rotating objects, and our protagonist is a proportionately oversized human at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on the screen activates the moon boots and causes our guy to jump. Rotating directly above is a planet to get to. After the initial gimme, the planets are angled above each other, but the premise is to time the jump from planet to planet so as to continually travel lg1“upwards.” Missing the target causes the jumper to float off in space, ending the run. And then it is alsodd necessary to move quickly, as black clouds come in from behind, and when they reach the jumper, the runs ends.

In between the planets and around are collectible stars that breed points and can also be used as trajectory guides. As the game progresses, stuff like gravity-inducing suns make an appearance, making it necessary to jump on a curve; being too conservative or too lose will cost ya. The game incorporates quests that increase in complexity… the number of planets visited, or flags planted, and so on. All this goodness continues until, as mentioned, an errant jump is performed or the dark cloud catches up. High scoring is the name of the game.

The game’s biggest issue is that even with the extras, monotony can set in. It is a lot of the same. Still, it’s a delightful game and an engaging time-waster that isn’t Å£oo pricey and has a free version.