Little Things Forever Review

Little Things Forever Review

Feb 7, 2013

I love all sort of games. Action, adventure, fantasy. But there is a very special place in my heart for hidden object games. They represent a passive aggressive challenge for my senses.

Little Things Forever is an enjoyable hidden object game that doesn’t concern itself with naturescapes or overly ambitious attempts at logical images. It simply packs in images into a bigger images and creates wanna-be detectives all at the same time.

Gameplay looked to be deceptively simple. After some interesting animations, I was presented a shape that contained a bunch of smaller shapes. To the right was a list of items in that bigger shape that I needed to find. Now, the kicker was that the smaller shapes (that made up the larger shapes) were VERY tightly packed in. They (the smaller shapes) consisted of different colors, and there was some overlap. The developer also cleverly used plenty of red herrings to trick the mind. For instance, finding a “fox” was hard enough without tripping over raccoons, bears and dragons in repose. Similarly, I hilariously wasted plenty of time looking for a pot of food rather than a pepper in the name of finding “chili.” Of course, the list of items rarely had items of a similar nature, except when it had me looking for two of one item, like a boot.

Speed was the name of the game, and successful completion of puzzles was rewarded with puzzle pieces and/or more levels. The puzzle pieces eventually opened up monotony-slaying jigsaw puzzles that could be rotated and re-arranged to create a picture of more objects. Some puzzles were timed, also adding to the fun factor. The game kept count of errant touches, and graded overall performance with adjectives.

The developer did a good job with media; I liked the music and the visuals. The objects looked like they were supposed to look.

For the calming effect a hidden object game should have, Little Things Forever strikes big, and is a fun addition to a popular genre.