Wordcraft Review

Wordcraft Review

Sep 12, 2013

Wordcraft is a combo word game from Littlebigplay.

The game is an interesting mix of word games like Scrabble and crossword puzzles. The playing area is a rectangular grid made up of squared letter tiles set up in 8×13 fashion. The letters are random, and contain all the letter of the alphabet with varying probabilities. As in Scrabble, each letter has a number value that seems to be based on the use of the letter in the English language. Thus, E, T and A have the lowest values, and K, X, Q, J and Z have high values.

Also, there are specially colored bonus tiles: orange denotes a triple word score, green gives a double word and word1purple scores a triple letter. When combined, the multipliers work on each other.

The basic premise is to form words via adjacent tiles. Starting with the first letter, tapping and dragging through the letters forms the word for points. The rules governing movement are cool, and the white highlight line underscores this. Forwards, backwards, diagonal… and then some. It is possible to zig-zag across back over, go up and then down, and more. As long as the successive letters in the word attempted are adjacent and a used tile is not used more than once, a word can score points — as long as it a “real” word. Slick use of the bonus tiles can lead to huge point hauls. There are some tricks to learn, too. Making words with four or more words makes all those tiles get replaced, thereby giving one the opportunity to score more in theory. Otherwise, the letters are gradually depleted.

The game comes in in three modes. There is the “classic” mode, that keeps on going until the there are no more moves to be made; A “fastgame” mode that is dependent on a set number of moves, and a “limited” version that challenges one to rack up as many points as possible in exactly five minutes. The interface is clean, mostly minimalist, with a recording of the high score. Options include the ability to change the color of the tiles.

Classic mode, in my opinion, is almost too relaxed; I prefer the restricted modes. Still, the option to pick modes is welcome.

This is the perfect game to get lost in, and is fun on a social level.