Legendary Wars Review

Legendary Wars Review

Jun 9, 2014

Legendary Wars tells the tale of the Sun Kingdom, a once great kingdom gone soft from years without any trouble or war. Of course then an invasion of legions of the undead and monsters occurs and only the kingdom’s poorly trained army stand between then and total destruction. The player must train and upgrade their forces and use strategic positioning and good force composition to both defend the kingdom and attack enemy castles.

Screenshot_2014-06-04-08-19-02At its heart, Legendary Wars is a lane defence game in the vein of Plants vs. Zombies, but it has quite a few differences. Units can be freely moved at any time and can be advanced and retreated There are buttons to form formations and generally commanding an army in Legendary Wars feels like commanding an army not just plonking done stationary defense items.

Like in most lane defence games, troops range from melee knights which block enemies to the more delicate distance attackers, like archers. Battles come in both defensive and offensive flavors, so unlike most lane defence games this one isn’t at all about defence and some battles see the player killing the enemy and advancing towards an enemy castle to destroy it

Screenshot_2014-06-04-08-15-47Strategy is vitally important in Legendary Wars. Using the right mix of troops and positioning them so they can support each other is important to win battles. A lot of micro managing goes into combat. Unfortunately, the interface isn’t always up to the task. Since Legendary Wars is a lane defence game the player needs to spread their forces over the three lanes on the battlefield to ensure all gaps are covered. The game however lacks clear boundaries for each lane and thus positioning forces tends to be a bit of a crapshoot as it is hard to know where to tap. This can be a real problem in the heat of battle where misplacing soldiers is very easy. Still, Legendary Wars is fun stuff and a lot more engaging than the more purely defensive games common to this genre.

Between battles, units can be upgraded with gems gained from combat. Attack, defence hit points and more can be boosted for each unit type. Beside gems, moonstones can be used for other, more major upgrades, but this premium currency is never needed to win battles. The game features a good cartoony art style that helps it stand out. The slight ramshackle but tough look of soldiers and their smooth animation give it some class. The light-hearted story on offer complete with enjoyable character art helps it along too. Soundwise the game is fairly average. Battle sounds are a bit flat and repetitive and the music, while decent isn’t anything that special.

Legendary Wars is a solid, if slightly unrefined game – I’ve experienced a few crashes and freezes – with an interesting premise and it pushes the stale defense genre forward. Worth playing.

Monster Wars Review

Monster Wars Review

Jun 3, 2014

Monster Wars is a fun tower defense type of game, combining RPG-like customazition options for the units and hack and slash gameplay to make the package more than just that.

If Android gamers are familiar with Legendary Wars that came out a year ago, they will feel right at home with Monster Wars. It is essentially a tower defense kind of game. The action is presented in 2D and requires the players to think ahead and plan his units strategicaly accros the battlefield. Games like these always reminds me of Ronimo Games’ Swords and Soldiers, in my opinion the best 2D real-time strategic game out there. I’ve been playing the Wii U version a lot lately, so I had no problem with going deep in Monster Wars. Not that it has a difficult learning curve or anything; the game has similiar basic rules. And they are solid as ever.


To keep things interesting, Monster Wars offers a hack and slash section, where players can collect coins. With these coins, they can upgrade their units. This is really necessary, because later on, the game gets really hard. Sadly, the game doesn’t offers many spendable coins or so called soulstones (with these, players can unlock new characters and other cool stuff). So I felt I had to spend money to progress a bit faster in the huge campaign mode, which can take dozens of hours of your time. Luckily, coins, gems and soulstones collected in the endless modes, where players fight of waves of monsters until they are defeated, are spendable in the campaign mode. It softens the idea that I need to spend real money a bit, but not by much.

One of the biggest features in Monster Wars is the ability to level up and even evolve the characters in the player’s team. There are more than fifteen characters and everybody has his own special quirks. It offers a lot of depth, because players can choose which character they want on their team and which one should be more powerful. But again: leveling up those teammates costs a lot of time and – if players don’t want to do that, but do want to progress – a lot of money. Furthermore, the game controls very well, looks and sounds very good and really has a nice pace overall.

When I think about Monster Wars, I think about Swords and Soldiers, only the direction developer Liv Games has taken is a bit different. It has the same solid base, but offers more character customization, endless modes, a fine control scheme, beautiful graphics and a good gameplay pace. Sadly, I felt cornered in a way that I had to spend money to improve my progression throughout the game, because the game doesn’t offer enough in-game currency to wipe that feeling away.

Legendary Wars Finally Releasing on Android This Week

Legendary Wars Finally Releasing on Android This Week

Feb 4, 2014

Liv Games’ hit strategy/castle defense game Legendary Wars is making its way to Android for the first time. Players send units down three lanes trying to attack the enemy waves while protecting their own base, with some occasional genre-bending twists. With over 70 levels, 15 extra modes, and high-resoluution graphics, this should satisfy Android gamers who have had to wait to play Liv Games’ popular series. As well, the game has some various tweaks and fixes such as an improved waypoint system that should make the experience even better. Legendary Wars releases on Android this Thursday.