Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow. Here’s Four Appropriate Apps.

Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow. Here’s Four Appropriate Apps.

Feb 13, 2012

Here’s a warning: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. For those who are single, just treat it like another day, nothing ot worry about here. For those in relationships, this is the day that society dictates should be the day where couples show each other affection through gifts, flowers, chocolates, and expensive dinners at classy restaurants, just as the Illuminati planned. For those wanting to experience the magic of this corporate holiday on their Android phone, here are some apps to help out!

The I Love You widget lets users’ homescreen show their love for that special someone, by adding photographs and the name of them to a colorful widget. No matter who that special someone is, this widget can show them, and remind the user that they are that special person (or whatever the user wants to put in that other photograph) in their heart. Just remember to not put someone else in there if the current significant other grabs the phone!

Next up, there’s Love Test, which lets users test their compatibility with their match through 60 questions. First, they pick an avatar that may or may not represent their significant other, and then answer Yes/No/Can’t Say questions that measure compatibility. However, Love Test doesn’t give it up (by which we mean the results) without the user sharing to the world on Facebook or Twitter about the app. Google+ users will just have to sit in confused silence.

For those who are alone on Valentine’s Day and need something to do, why not play a game where love is a theme? In Romance of Rome by Herocraft, players search for hidden objects on their quest to win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter, and to also find treasure, because she is the Emperor’s daughter. Go big or go home, playa.

Finally, for those who are single on Valentine’s Day and wish to remedy that, there are plenty of dating services with apps available on the Android Market. For those looking to not necessarily pay for a dating service, there’s OkCupid, which requires no subscription fee to browse and send messages. So go out there, and find that special someone, and be that person that jaded singles hate every year on Valentine’s Day!