Lumigon Review

Lumigon Review

Dec 14, 2012

Games with dragons in them always seem to be a little more fantastic than games without. Lumigon is a game following a little girl names Pina and her light dragon Purumi. They are trapped in a land called Vanster. Vanster is on cute overload.

The controls to move the duo are pretty sensitive. The main way of moving Pina and Purumi is by tilting the device. Sometimes it feels like the characters are wondering across the screen, but it’s simply because the device has a slight tilt to it. Something I found to help combat the sensitivity when moving is to start the level with the device completely flat. I found that if the device is vertical when the level starts, it’s much harder to navigate the duo around the screen. I think the game senses the starting position of the device and tries to calibrate for the game.

During the course of the different levels, Purumi eats up little moon rocks called Lunas. Accumulating these Lunas are what give Purumi his special abilities. The most powerful ability is the Purumi Blitz! The Purumi Blitz! pretty much destroys everything on the screen and brings in all of the Lunas and other orbs on the screen; not the power ups though.

While going after the various orbs, there are enemies in the way. Running into one of the little moles will end the level. Running into one of the turtles will separate Purumi from Pina. Pina also has her own special powers. Look for the little pink Dragon. When he appears on the screen, tap on him then tap on Pina. She will blast out a ray neutralizing everything on the screen.

The item shop puts good use to all of those Lunas collected throughout the game. For example, a power magnet for 3000 Lunas. A Purumi Blitz is 950 Lunas. It’s probably a good idea to have a few of these. The in game purchasing system lets Lunas be purchased with real world money.

Playing the survival mode requires a login to Facebook. This compares scores between Facebook friends. So there’s a large group of people playing, it’s easy to see who the best is out of the group. Otherwise story mode is where all the fun happens.