Luminux Review

Luminux Review

Jun 10, 2014

Luminix is a story of saving worlds pleasantly cloaked on match-3 robes.

The backstory is simple, but players should be happy to know that their efforts in this game go to keeping a solar system alive; matching the tiles releases energy that prevents disastrous cosmic meltdowns.

The gameplay deviates somewhat — positively — from “standard” match-3 gameplay. The playing area is a grid made to fit the square tile playing pieces in a 5 X 4 manner, and the luminescent tiles pop up randomly on the grid. The tiles themselves come in different colors: green, yellow, blue, purple and orange, and the key is to line up three or more sets of the same color to dissolve them, release energy and score points.

Moving the tiles to be matched can be done by tap, holding and dragging tiles to where one wants them to be. With lum2tiles popping up all over the place, quick movements are key, and it is also strategic to keep the board as empty as possible by matching early and often. Keeping holes open is another valuable concept, as it is tough to find space to manipulate movement when the board is filled up. Getting fixated on a color when the board is getting crowded can backfire too, as there are usually several possible combinations at any given time. As one progresses, the action gets wild, with quick, continual gestures needed to continue the matching which makes longevity possible.

If the board gets completely filled, the run is over, and points are tallied. When particular point thresholds are met, a player can level up, and it’s interesting how the game tells players how close they are to the next rank in percentage points.

I think the gesture controls are intuitive, but could use a sensitivity meter; landscape play functionality might also be welcome. All in all though, its simplicity is hard to dislike.