Trigger Happy Review

Trigger Happy Review

Oct 31, 2014

Lunagames launched a Halloween-themed shooter for Android, but is it worth you time? Well, that depends: do you like murdering zombies?

Trigger Happy from Lunagames is a straightforward action packed shooter. In it, you need to shoot every zombie or other Halloween themed monstrosity that’s coming right for you. You can do that with just your handgun, including unlimited ammo – the way I prefer to play my Halloween/horror games. But that won’t do the job in Trigger Happy.


So luckily, when you play the game, you can earn all sorts of bonuses. One of them is earning coins by shooting at them when they lay down on the ground, right after they popped out of the zombie you just killed. With those coins, you can upgrade your current weapon or buy new ones – and if you want the special weapons, you can always throw some real money at the screen. But that is optional, as I did not get the feeling the game forced me to do so.

But before you can start upgrading your stuff, you need to get a lot of points to raise you level. Because at higher levels, you can get better weapons. It is as simple as that. For a free game, it actually has been balanced out – putting fun at the first place. And that is something I can really enjoy in a free-to-play video game.

The only thing I didn’t like about Trigger Happy from Lunagames is that I stood still on one point. There wasn’t a moment where I could move – either automatic or normal – and I thought that was a shame. The action feels kind of static now and therefore the game can be repetitive at a faster rate than normal. Which is a shame. Because if you’re looking for a fun little Halloween game, which doesn’t charge you for every move and let’s you have fun with every fired bullet, you can give this game a chance.

Crash and Burn Review

Crash and Burn Review

Sep 2, 2014

Crash and Burn is Lunagames’ newest attempt to take your money with a video game in the endless runner genre. Gamers do not need to pay any money to play the game, but, as one might have guessed, it sure as hell makes things easier.

In Crash and Burn, players are racing with a awesome street race car (or, if one succeeds in the game, other type of cars too), while collecting coins, bumping other drivers on the road and using power-ups. The goal of the game is to get as far as humanly possible and the endless road ahead of you. Meanwhile, the game makes it harder for players to navigate that road, because it constantly will put more cars on the road for players to evade. It really gets challenging.


To make life a little bit easier, Lunagames implemented some neat little power-ups, Mario Kart style. Players can collect different kinds of power-ups, like a bomb (that explodes anything near the player), a rocket (dat seeks out the cars in front of the player) and even a boost (that will make the player’s car so fast, it can bump other drivers of the road). It really mixes up the gameplay in a way that it is actually fun the play Crash and Burn. But then, there is the downside.

The downside of the game are the coins. Yes, one can collect them by simply playing the game and collecting them on the road, but the really make progress in Crash and Burn, players will need lots of them. So, as it is usual with most of these kind of games, it is possible to invest real money in the game to progress quicker. It is always a choice of course, but the progress in the game is going quick at all, making players think that they will have to buy coins to get the cooler cars.

It is a shame, really. Because production-wise, it is an awesome game. It looks really nice on my Nexus 5, plays very well without any kind of lag and even has some cool dubstep to listen too – and most importantly, that compliments the game. Let’s not forget the controls. They are marvelous. So it is really to bad the focus is on getting peoples money within a free game. Next time, maybe it is better to just put the game in the store for a couple of bucks and be done with that.

Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup Brazil 2014 Review

Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup Brazil 2014 Review

May 27, 2014

Within weeks from now, all of the world will be tuning in at the soccer world cup in Brazil. Naturally, game makers want to cash in on one of the biggest spectacles of the world by using the world cup as a theme for their football games. But the Dutch studio Lunagames does things differently.

In Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup Brazil 2014 players take control of a nation’s bus – which nation that will be, is up to the player. There is only one condition for the team to be in the game: they have to compete in the world cup, of course. When the player has chosen the country it will represent, the chase of the rival team will begin. Both busses will ride on a busy freeway. The core of the gameplay rests with dodging cars that drive away and at you. It is okay to bump into the once in a while, because the bus players are controlling has a healthbar which slowly drains after each hit. However, don’t go to far with that – the bus hasn’t got eternal life, so be careful when driving.


The goal is to catch up with the bus players are chasing. While dodging cars, collecting special colored balls and ramming into other cars, I found myself enjoying the overall experience. The bus reacts very well to the on-screen contol buttons. There are only to – the bus can change four different lanes, so at its core, it’s very basic. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a negative point. It makes the game quickly understandable and very accessible at the very least. After the player destroys a bus, another will appear – making this and endless 3D runner. It only ends when the player dies by the hands of the rival bus or by the ongoing traffic. However it ends, it always ends with a bang – with Burnout-like collisions. The wheels even come off – it looks a but clunky, but it is very funny to see.

So the game plays nice, has a humoristic touch to it and, even for a world cup game without the sport itself, has suprisingly many balls in store. It also looks very well made and the music fits the overall theme. This is one World Cup game even non-soccer lovers can play. And I for one, am one of those people.

Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing Review

Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing Review

May 19, 2014

Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing is a top down view race game. It has a handful of cars and tracks, but will it be enough for players to stay interested?

I love race games. When I get my hands on a new one, I get excited. What kinds of cars can I drive? How when tracks can I beat? Unfortunately, my excitement for Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing went down the hill very fast. There are a handful of cars to handle and just a couple of tracks, but it is not enough to keep players interested for a long time. There aren’t many modes either: there is the time trial mode, de quick race option and of course a small tournament. It is really standard and because of the small scale of the game, perhaps even dull.


So in terms of content, this game does not stand out from the crowd. But the graphics are on a whole other level. They are super sweet and very sharp. And the best part of it is: there is no lag and no falter whatsoever, even on a older smartphone model like Galaxy SIII. The sounds and the music are also very well done and the controls are easy to handle. On screen there are three buttons players can push: going backwards, left or right. What? There is no gas button? That’s correct, the game does that automatically for the players, which is really nice. It saves one tired thumb, right there.

There is another aspect that makes this game good. All cars are handled differently, so if the player picks one of the other cars, it could very well be that the end result of the result isn’t something it would expect. Being a top down racer as Speed Rivals is, it somewhat reminded me of games like Micro Machines for pc or Racing Gears Advance for Gameboy Advance; two top down racing games loved by the racing community and myself, so it has that going for it.

But at the end of the day, despite bringing different experiences per car, looking very good and controlling so well, Speed Rivals – Dirt Racing falls short on its content. There aren’t many tracks to race on or cars to race with – there is even only one car to unlock. And that is simply not enough to keep players interested for a long period of time.

Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice Review

Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice Review

May 8, 2014

Think Bit.Trip, only with the addition of fire and ice elements: that’s Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice in a nutshell.

This is an endless runner where you play as an elemental spirit that has the ability to change form between fire and ice. This is necessary, because on its way running towards as far as possible, the spirit will need to collect fire and ice elements and dodge fire fountains when the spirit is in ice form and frozen fountains when the spirit is in fire form.

The concept that you have to dodge different kinds of hazards and collecting different kinds of collectibles based on the spirits current form, is definitely something that makes this endless runner one hell of a challenge. Players really need to focus their attention to what’s happening on screen, right from the start. Besides transforming between fire and ice forms, the spirit can also make jumps and cool looking slides to handle massive hurdles like mountains.

The controls are something players need to master before going for a high score. The screen is divided into three different areas: one for jump (left, upper half), sliding (left lower half) and transforming (right). After a while, the controls will be something players can rely on, but in the beginning it feels weird. Normal on-screen buttons would perhaps be better, because then players would have more sense of control. Also: the engine of this game has some problems. The otherwise beautiful 8-bit soundtrack and retro pixel graphics aren’t experienced like they should be, because the game reguraly will produce white noise or simply falter.

And that’s such a shame. When you look at Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice, you can see the effort the developers and designers have put in this game. The graphics are really well made, the music, when it doesn’t falter, is great and the gameplay, though not unique, is enjoyable. Gamers who like games like Bit.Trip Runner, which it closely resembles, or just 2D free runners in general, and don’t mind some of the falter now and then, will definitely appreciate this game.