Game of War: Fire Age Review

Game of War: Fire Age Review

Jun 12, 2014

Game of War: Fire Age is a city builder with a huge scope. Taking control of a tiny city with some wooden walls and not a lot else, the player must construct an epic city, train an army and work with others to become powerful.

Screenshot_2014-06-08-17-37-49At its most basic GOW:FA seems like any other city builder. The player taps a plot in their city and chooses a building, which takes real time to construct. There are a ton of buildings in game and the building system is quite in depth. There are the basics, like farms for food and barracks for troops but there are also embassies to work with other players, upgraded walls and traps to stop enemies and a dizzying array of resource and research buildings to construct.

GOW:FA’s world is divided into vast areas called kingdoms where player cities reside. Unlike most games cities are actually located somewhere on the land in a kingdom, so it’s possible to view a world map and see the city and other player’s cities like an actual world map, rather than the more abstract “neighbors” common to this type of genre.

Screenshot_2014-06-08-01-12-37Attacking enemies involves making an army and sending troops to their city via the world map. They will then march there and return with resources if victorious. The military system in the game is quite deep and there are heaps of things to consider like force composition, what buffs your leader or hero has and what research has been completed Troops take a long time to create, so wars tend to be much more considered, realistic affairs.

The best thing about GOW:FA is joining an alliance. An alliance is a group of players that usually work towards a common goal and unlike most games, they tend to be well run affairs. Alliance members can help each other in a number of ways, from boosting building timers, to aiding research. War rallies can be organized in which members of an alliance can contribute troops to an army under another player as they march off to fight enemies or defend alliance members. It works very much like the Vassalage system in real life.

Game of War: Fire Age has a great community. Players tend to be polite and mature and there is a real sense of teamwork within good alliances. (Shout out to the super helpful guys in my alliance, The North 101). Attack and defense tend to be well organized and it feels a lot like real politics. Fire Age’s world is so huge and there are so many players that joining a good alliance is needed just to survive, let alone for the companionship and other help.

For a 2-D city builder Game of War: Fire Age sure looks nice. Buildings change as they are upgraded and a clear interface and map system help it along. The sound is basic but serviceable.

Game of War: Fire Age is a fun game with a great community. For wargame fans that can handle freemium games it is worth playing and sticking with.