Major Magnet Arcade Coming Soon to Android, Now in Open Beta

Major Magnet Arcade Coming Soon to Android, Now in Open Beta

Mar 31, 2014

PagodaWest Games, creators of the gorgeous Major Magnet, are following up their Sonic-inspired, magnet-based platformer with Major Magnet Arcade, a free-to-play take on the game — and now Android gamers will get to enjoy it.

The gameplay is familiar to the iOS-exclusive original: players tap on magnets to spin around them, tapping them to launch off, and tapping other magnets to start spinning around them, using angular momentum to get around. Collecting orbs that increase score and the multiplier are important: this version is about high scores, and completing a set of five levels consecutively with as high a score as possible. The game does make clear when players have gotten a perfect multiplier, which helps — getting it on all five in a row is a challenge.


There’s an energy system for continues, it seems, and currency for buying powerups, though PagodaWest has indicated that the game will try to be as unobtrusive as popular. The game is currently in a quasi-soft-launch/open-beta phase, and players can join the beta right now if they choose by joining this Google+ community. The game should be available soon. Check out footage of the beta (which is not finalized, and things may still be tweaked) below.