Need Some Advice? Give Granny Mobile a Try…

Need Some Advice? Give Granny Mobile a Try…

Feb 14, 2015

No one gives better advice than Grandma, and Makeitapp realizes this; that’s why it released the ultimate granny helper called Granny Mobile.

GrannyMobile: the best suggestions provided by the grumpiest and sharpest grandma!
Hundreds of suggestions! Quick recipes, tricks and tips to cook well, save money, manage the house, be more beautiful and live better.
GrannyMobile can handle anything, nothing can scare her.
The kids become quieter, the stock more flavorful, the hair shinier and the dust migrates to the neighbors.
A great collection of suggestions directly from the Italian tradition, presented with a bit of British humor by a grumpy grandma, amazingly drawn by the hand of Galeppe.
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…More than 200 priceless suggestions!

Granny Mobile is available for $1.01 on the Play Store.

New Board Game-Based Soqquadro Comes To Android

New Board Game-Based Soqquadro Comes To Android

Oct 15, 2014

Cranio Creations and MakeItApp are collaborating to bring new game Soqquadro to Android devices.

Excerpts from the Google Play app page:

Short description of the game:

– The App will show a card on your smartphone or tablet, with some characteristics
(so you will no longer lose the paper cards as soon as you open the box the first time!)
– You will go around the house to look for an object that satisfies those characteristics
(just like pirates looking for treasures!)
– Every player has an avatar on the app that keeps the scores of all the objects found
(cheating is impossible avoiding a lot of children fights!)
– During the game the app will call for various “Challenges”
(to trigger even more the children’s creativity!)
– The final winner is proclaimed by the app and then confirmed or denied by all the players, that will check all the treasures found by everyone!

For this week, Soqquardo is available for the special price of $2.27 on Google Play; Go grab it!


[Source: MakeitApp Press Release]