Paul & Percy Portable Review

Paul & Percy Portable Review

May 15, 2014

Dual puzzles? Paul & Percy Portable, bring it on! The mobile version of the game is finally upon us.

A brief sequence at the beginning leads us to the gameplay. As far as puzzles go, this one is chock full, and nicely so. The gameplay is leveled, and solving the puzzle moves the puzzle along. The gameplay starts with the two brethren on different sides of the screen. They can talk, and can actually help each other, but are restricted to their respective sides of the playing area. Each side has a retinue of blocks that can be obstacles.

The goal is to get the two protagonists to their respective escape hatches on each side of the split area. The brothers are restricted to specific rules; one major rule is that they can only jump one level of boxes. Using paul1logic, it’s possible to help each brother get to the rally point. For example, one tool is the movable box; boxes like this can be shifted from one half to the other, creating a step stool that didn’t exist prior. Sometimes, it’s necessary to move a box back and forth, or combine numerous ones, and so on. Figuring out what to move where can be an exhilarating process, and dialogue boxes do help along the way.

To add to the challenge, the game requires a set number of moves to complete a level; medals are awarded depending on how close one is to the ideal.

The game is presented in nice, expressive color, with simple animations that frame the gameplay positively.

The developer promises a no-nonsense gaming experience, and it feels as though the game delivers. Good mind benders are not too common, which is probably why this one feels so refreshing. All cards are on the table in this one, with no IAP or ads.