Google Maps Gets Update, Adds Dynamic Routing

Google Maps Gets Update, Adds Dynamic Routing

Nov 25, 2014

Not content to rest on its Billion Download laurels, Google Maps continues to get better. It has just added more features with its latest update, most notably dynamic routing around closures.

It is also adding Quick Facts cards on POIs with time and weather.

Of course, there are also the requisite bug fixes.

Google Maps is available for free on the Play Store

TeleNav Scout GPS Gets Update, Adds Chat Functionality

TeleNav Scout GPS Gets Update, Adds Chat Functionality

Nov 13, 2014

Scout, the voice navigation utility from industry heavyweight TeleNav, is getting a pretty nice update.

Most notably, the update brings interesting collaboration tools; now, it is possible to chat with friends and family from within the app. Thus, meetups and more are easily arranged.

Chats can be initiated via the devices address book.

The user interface has been retooled somewhat. Now, upon opening the app, a “Me” icon is shown. In this, the app ties in even further to the username associated with the signed-in account. At the bottom, there are virtual buttons for Home, Chat, Meet Up and Me. the “Me” portion now houses the account and settings information. Here, one can download maps and such.

All in all, at first glance, the app feels cleaner and more streamlined. The changelog states the app is easier to navigate, and that certainly seems like it is the case.

We had an opportunity to review Scout a while back, and we mostly loved it. We look forward to checking out the new build more formally.

Scout is available for free (with optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

Nokia’s HERE Comes To More Android Devices

Nokia’s HERE Comes To More Android Devices

Oct 21, 2014

We noted the arrival of Nokia’s HERE mapping application on Samsung Galaxy devices a short while ago; now, the program is being made available to even more devices.

Now, HERE Maps is available for all compatible device, Samsung Galaxy or not, via the beta download page.

When one downloads the beta apk and installs it on a compatible device, the app opens and presents one with the option of signing in “the old fashioned way” or using a Facebook account. The former asks for name, date of birth and password, and then welcomes one to the app.

The app is particularly vibrant, and showcases the features that made it a hit on Windows Phone, chief of which is arguably full offline functionality. Another interesting feature is the Glympse integration. With this, folks can share locations with friends without any extra apps needing to be installed. It also boasts traffic and public transportation info for select cities, and the web management component is definitely a plus.

It should be noted it is still in beta; as such, feedback is actively requested.

As noted, the app is available via the beta download page.


[Source: HERE Blog via TNW]

Samsung Galaxy Phones getting Nokia’s HERE Maps

Samsung Galaxy Phones getting Nokia’s HERE Maps

Aug 29, 2014

In the world of mobile mapping, Nokia’s HERE is probably the most well-regarded outside Google Maps; it is a well-designed application that brings value o devices it resides on. Now, select Android users can enjoy a new beta version.

More specifically, Samsung is taking advantage of a licensing deal and bringing HERE to Galaxy device users. HERE will offer offline functionality, walking, driving and public transportation options, Glympse compatibility in addition to standard turn-by-turn directions in supported locales.

Additionally, the app will pair with the upcoming Samsung Gear S Smartwatch.

For now, the announcement notes the program will be available for Galaxy devices; no specific Galaxy devices are explicitly excluded just yet.

According to Three Sixty, the official HERE blog, HERE will be available when the Samsung Gear S formally hits stores.

As noted, it is a free offering; no word on whether the app will find its way to other Android devices in the future.

[Source: Three Sixty HERE Blog via TechChrunch]

Scout by TeleNav Review

Scout by TeleNav Review

Oct 25, 2012

Scout is the newest, award-winning Android voice-directed navigation app from TeleNav Inc. Don’t call it a comeback…

Full disclosure: I am a fanatical advocate of device convergence. I want one device that does a lot of things very well. I want functionality in the palm of my hand. Since my phone is with me most of the time, it makes sense that it serves as the hub. Much has been made about the hastened obsolescence of secondary devices by smartphones, and Scout does make a strong case for the retirement of standalone GPS devices.

Scout seemingly shares the same engine with its older brother TeleNav GPS Navigator, but where the original is nice to look at, Scout goes for statuesque. The UI is sharp, with colors contrasting well, and it looked bright and inviting.

There is a clear effort to make the application more social. Billed as a way to discover places and get there, I thought Scout mostly succeeded in living up to its lofty self-imposed premise. I noticed that the app pulled in information about local weather on the Dashboard. The Places tab gave me GPS-generated locations categorized by type (like Lodging, Food, ATM and even wi-fi spots).

And, of course, there was the Drive functionality, which was really nice. I was able to set up my Home and Work addresses for easy retrieval later. Entering an address got the software going, and it quickly got me three color-coded optional routes, with estimated times and distance superimposed on a map which, allowed me to visually compare the routes.

The navigation “voice” sounded human. Fortunately, the dialogue wasn’t overdone, as can happen with some apps. The reminders were concise and timely, and the audio guidance could be set to directions, traffic, both or neither. The languages could be toggled between English and Spanish, and I had the options of picking metric units or imperial units. The voice input worked well for me, and I was able to switch back and forth between 3D and 2D. I also appreciated how, when set to auto, the device automatically gives a bright contrasting night-time mode at evening time.

As an additional feature, Scout syncs with TeleNav online, allowing me to trip plan from a desktop and backup addresses. The TeleNav website even has interactive mapping software, so it is the perfect cloud solution. The optional upgrades (speed limit, lane assist, red light camera and more) are available via in-app purchase.

Feature packed as it is, one gripe I had was a comparison I inadvertently made to an earlier iteration of Telenav Navigator: more voice choices would be nice. Also, any offline functionality, even partial, would be very welcome. Multiple transit (biking, walking, etc) modes could also be valuable.

With the industry giant (Google Maps) looming in the smartphone space, it takes a formidable offering to stay relevant. Fortunately for Android users, Scout casts a mean shadow of its own.

Navigon Updates MobileNavigator to 3.6

Navigon Updates MobileNavigator to 3.6

May 13, 2011

Navigon have updated their MobileNavigator app for Android to version 3.6, bringing along a variety of improvements and new features. First up, and most notably, the app now supports tablets running Honeycomb. The app is now optimized for tablet screens’ higher resolutions. As well, the app supports a new feature called “Clever Parking.” As drivers come up upon their destination, an icon marked with a “P” will pop up, and the app will show nearby parking options, along with distance from the current location.

Also on the plate is a “Weather Live” feature, that shows real-time weather updates. This is designed to help drivers anticipate weather conditions at their destination. There’s also an option to see a 3-day weather forecast. A new Destination Information Screen is available to see a summary of information about their destination, including nearby gas stations, restaurants, hotels, shops, and more. This screen is customizable to only display certain information, as well. Route planning is now available, with the ability to enter up to 50 destinations for a route.

These new features aren’t just coming to the US version of MobileNavigator – a North American version covering both US and Canada is coming as well, though it is not available on the Android Market as of publication. This is in conjunction with the European and Australian versions available as well. The app comes with standard mapping features, NAVTEQ navigation features, an augmented reality feature called Reality Scanner that identifies points of interest through the phone’s camera and GPS. This is along with multiple orientation support, pedestrian navigation support, text-to-speech with multiple voices, lane and speed assistant features, and more. MobileNavigator is available now from the Android Market, for a sale price of approximately $39.95 for the US version. The 3.6 update is available as a free update for current owners of the app.