Battle For Mars With Multiplayer Review

Battle For Mars With Multiplayer Review

Sep 20, 2010

Sweat is dripping off your nose, pooling on the red martian rock below, where you’re huddled in the fetal position. You’re afraid. Rocks explode around you, and you know that the Martian MegaBot is zeroing in on you and your elite troop unit.

“Sign up for the Mars invading force, and be a hero!”
they said. “Be part of saving the Human Race’s future!” was their recruiting cry, and you signed up, thinking it would be the best option for your future. Two months of training, and two years of cryo-sleep later, you’re questioning if you have a future at all.

If you live, you’ll see this kind of action again tomorrow.

Set in 2152, Battle For Mars is a turn-based game combining the strategy and tower defense genres. You are part of the human force and your goal is to conquer Mars. This is not an easy feat. In fact, this is one of the hardest games you may ever play. It also might be one of the most creative and fun.

If you’ve ever played Command And Conquer, you’re familiar with the real-time-strategy (RTS) genre. Battle For Mars isn’t exactly “real-time” because it’s turn-based. This is actually a blessing, when you have to command an entire army on a screen that measures in mere inches.

Overtaking cities and factories will give you more resources and eventually allow you to win the level/map. Your factories produce troops, artillery, and vehicles. Once you’ve played for a while, you’ll discover more and more depth to the game. Certain units can travel over certain terrain, and others can’t, and some troops fire more effectively on other types. Building enough troops, battling back the defending Mars force, and overtaking their factories gives you the victory.

The gameplay may seem slow to begin with, but once a player gets used to the control and battle scheme, the turn-based play is nail-bitingly exciting. The graphics are reminiscent of an old-school SNES, but it works with the overall aesthetic of the game. The sound is basic and forgettable; I turned if off when playing, because it got annoying.

The multiplayer options are deep, and allow for different types of games on different types of maps. Multiplayer is vital to keep a player interested in the long-term, and Battle For Mars does it well. For example, the game allows you to keep playing the one player game, while you wait for another player to join the multiplayer game you’ve created. You can also create a private game, and wait for a particular friend. The game also features notifications when it’s your turn. This allows you to have a long-standing “one-move-at-a-time” type of game. Your friend makes a move, and tomorrow, you make a move. Because this is a relatively new app, their are fewer players, and finding a multiplayer game that is open can sometimes be a challenge. Be warned, though: these online players are very good.

Replay value is very high not only because of it’s difficulty, but because of it’s depth. The game is a bit pricey at $4.99, but the game’s depth and multiplayer options allow me to recommend it, especially if it ever goes on sale.